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By Kisdobos

A 2:30 trailer: Six young ninjas attempt to defend their island home, called Ninjago. During the night they fight the bad guys and monsters. During the day, they're your average teens trapped in a very non-heroic environment: high school. The 6 gapfill questions of this video lesson have simple verbs gapped that students need to fill in by listening closely to what's being said. You can replay each scene if they need more than one listening. Aimed at Pre-Intermediate (A2) level students. The accent is American English, and the style of speech is colloquial.

By enrichetta

mr Bean is trying to have a picnic in the park, but a wasp keeps distubing him

By TeacherBariloche

Song video. Students watch and answer questions about what they can see. (questions with What? Where?)

By Misstylady

The story of a proud wanna-be hunter who encounters a bear who believes the hunter is his “beary” best friend.This lesson has 10 multiple choice questions .

By seymaguder

This is one of Shakespeare's most famous plays. Students are supposed to fill the gaps, reorder the sentences and choose the best answer.

By Kisdobos

A quick 1:30 min listening from 1st & Main, with the baristas and customers of a fictitious coffeehouse revealing their New Year's resolutions. The video quiz contains 6 gapfill questions focusing on useful new year's resolutions vocabulary. The video lesson works best as a quick warmer to a discussion about the class' new years resolutions. I also included discussion questions after each gapfill question that you can either do on-the-fly (after each question) or save all of them until you go through all 6 gapfill questions.

By mermaid72

what can you do for your beloved car?

By Kisdobos

This 9-minute video offers 25 practical advice on how to keep your new year's resolutions. I turned it into a vocabulary boosting lesson for Upper-intermediate (C1) and Proficient (C2) students. I created 20 multiple choice questions where your students have to replace a word (spoken in the video) with one or two synonyms.

By Kisdobos

A 4-minute video lesson with 5 tips that will help you stick to your new year's resolutions. 10 multiple choice questions with Intermediate (B2) and Upper-intermediate (C1) vocabulary practice. In this video quiz your students have to provide one or two synonyms for a selected word or phrase in some of the lines spoken in the video. Recommended for high school, adult and business/professional students. The dialect heard in the video is American English.

By Kisdobos

In this 6-minute video a "life coach" offers six tips to help you achieve your New Year's Resolutions. I practice most of his tricks when it comes to sticking to my new year's resolutions, so I thought I would build a video lesson on this particular video. Who knows, this lesson may actually be useful beyond simple language learning/teaching and can help your students make a change this year! Disclaimer: the video contains the word "ass" and one reference to adult content (although barely audible), so if you're not in the business of one-to-one tutoring of adults, but teaching high school classes, I recommend you simply 'copy & edit' this lesson, and then cut out this part (using the 'scissors' icon in the video lesson editor). There are 9 "True or False" multiple choice questions to check deeper understanding of the message of the video. I tried to make the false statements tricky enough so that the right answer would not be obvious, e.g. the first half of the statement is true, but the second is not. As for the language proficiency level, I think it's best fit for Intermediate (B1) level students. I intentionally included some more advanced vocabulary in the wording of the questions and the explanations to make the vocabulary learning potential of the lesson even more powerful (I clarify the meaning of each of them right after using the word). You may want to use this lesson with Upper-Intermediate students, but I think they will find little challenge in answering the questions. At the same time, by virtue of the rich vocabulary content, they may pick up a bunch of useful words that they can use in follow-up discussions about new year's resolutions.

By yanaet12

Watch a short film by Ben Brand titled 97% which touches the themes of apps and dating.

By Charae

The Carter family goes on a camping trip. Answer comprehension questions about the video.