23 FREE ESL crime video lessons

By Kisdobos

The video lesson includes seven questions (multiple choice and gapfill) to check deep understanding.

By rgplaisance

In the task students will watch scenes from the Incredibles movies and type in the correct present continuous tense form of verbs.

By mrredmond

First watch on non-interactive mode to see the video uninterrupted. Then, go through the video on interactive mode and answer the questions

By syssymone

Listen, make questions, answer questions and discuss. Students ask and answer questions about their personal experiences in life.

By angel2nim

In 2002, Mandy was convicted of drug trafficking and jailed for 16 years. She was 21 years old at that time. Mandy tells the public how she has used her prison time to improve her life.

By angel2nim

The short video is about a burglar breaking into a house. Students are asked to be witnesses and report what they see.

By mermaid72

The students are going to work with action verbs and every day phrases. Vocabulary is really easy.

By Kisdobos

An interactive clicking/touching game. Students have to understand present continuous sentences and click on (or on mobile devices: touch) the right object or person on the frozen video screen.

By Kisdobos

An interactive picture dictionary with 7 simple questions. Students have to click on (or on mobile devices: touch) the following on the frozen video screen: paper sign, knife, rear lights, slice of apple, luggage, paint gun, water tank.

By bsullivanslcs

Watch the video. Use justice vocabulary words, and practice forming questions. Determine her guilt or innocence-- what do you think?

By MarishkaD

Write what you have heard. Listen carefully as it is devoted to Crime / Criminals / Police Open-ended tasks.

By Kisdobos

10 multiple choice tasks for upper-intermediate to proficient students mostly to practice advanced action verbs.