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By tnkrflybrbe

Watch the video describing directions and answer questions based on the directions given.

By avannug

Answer the questions and learn everything about the English Market

By letaru

The task is to learn what animals can or can't do, revise animals, action verbs. The song is funny, easy to remember and sing together. Ask children to repeat the actions after animals to remember them better. Ask children, if they can fly/swim/run/clap/climb. Play Simon says after, using these action verbs.

By Kisdobos

Learners will watch this 5 minute Damon & Jo episode, which shows their morning routine. There are mixed task types including gapfill, multiple choice and matching.While the language is fast at times, but overall I think the difficulty will be okay for pre-intermediate and even elementary level, because the images do a whole lot to aid understanding.

By mermaid72

The students are going to improve their listening skills and work with adjectives to describe a place.

By mermaid72

The students are going to work with synonyms and revise Present Progressive and Present Perfect Tenses.

By MalwinaM

Student revise the spring vocabulary. They are supposed to tap on the spring objects during listening to the song. Student practise general listening comprehension.

By Arhodie

Superlatives. Multiple superlatives questions. Unscrambling the sentences and answering, choosing correct answer and answering. Proper grammar introduction is advised before watching the movie.

By taisbh

Identify the members of the Weasley Family. Students need to identify the members.

By jhybarra

Listening comprehension of two people speaking together - similar to Part 4 of FCE.

By LoriJP

Use the present tense to select one of the answers that are given. The man is in a very good mood and goes happily about his day

By LoriJP

Use the present tense to answer the questions about the three baby birds that are in their nest.