1836 FREE ESL video lessons

By silvialefevre

Story about a little boy who wants to be a good pianist. There are 14 questions of multiple choice to test the listening skills.

By yanaet12

Peppa Pig finishes her journey in Italy. Watch the video and do a multiple choice task. Hope you like it!

By JeremyCarter

Listening Gap Fill - lower level vocabulary

By TeacherDianaRenke

What is happening in this scene? Narrative tenses.

By stephenvalente

Bajau fisherman Sulbin showing almost superhuman powers free diving on one breath.


Nesta atividade, vamos conhecer a história e os costumes dos povos portugueses que colonizaram nosso país.

By Jimbojambo

A man talks about his life aboard a 28 foot boat

By javyballesteros

Analysis of Human Rights in a trailer

By mermaid72

naughty cat has spoiled a date

By Pianlulu


By MissJai

Listening Task

By folette15

A song by the band "The Traits"