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By Kisdobos

I made a video quiz to practice ten basic verbs through multiple choice questions. All the verbs are in the present continuous tense.

By Misstylady

Red is introduced to the anger management class and get to meet the other birds. This video has 12 comparative and superlative adjectives multiple choice questions

By Kisdobos

There are 6 multiple choice questions to test your students on their ability to correctly use the Past Simple, Past continuous and Past Perfect Simple tenses.

By Misstylady

Aladdin meets genie for the first time.This video lesson has 11 multiple choice questions to practice using the verb in the simple present tense and present continuous.

By TeacherBariloche

Song video. Students watch and answer questions about what they can see. (questions with What? Where?)

By GabrielaGarcia

Students watch Mr. Bean's episode and answer questions related to Halloween vocabulary

By Misstylady

The story of a proud wanna-be hunter who encounters a bear who believes the hunter is his “beary” best friend.This lesson has 10 multiple choice questions .

By Kisdobos

In this video quiz students fill in the missing past simple irregular verbs. 20 gapfill questions to practice grammar.These are quick questions where students need to fill in only one word, but still I'm a bit unsure whether 20 questions are OK or too many. So I would appreciate your feedback about it. Also, if you wish to have fewer questions, just Copy & edit the video lesson (find button below the video screen) and edit out as many questions as you want.

By Kisdobos

10 multiple choice questions to practice the past simple vs the past continuous tense.Featured grammar points:1. Use the past simple + past simple to talk about a sequence of events.2. Use the past continuous + past simple combo to talk about an ongoing action that was interrupted by another event.3. Use the past continuous + past continuous to describe two simultaneous events (=two events that were happening at the same time).My lesson nicely complements the comprehensive film lesson created by Kieran Donaghy around this short film: http://film-english.com/2018/01/03/a-single-life/

By Anka55

Watch an episode of the Pink Panther and practise present simple 3rd person singular.

By ira87kcarr

Practice prepositions and vocabulary.

By linele

Warm-up activity for the group work to practice affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences in the Present Simple tense, 3rd person singular. Students spit into groups of 5 people and watch the video episode to practice get the points for the correct anwers.