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By periwinkleblue

Students will be able to practice speaking naturally as they study the basics first -- pronouncing vowel sounds. This lesson tackles all of them and has samples of each.

By CarolaFerrari

Filling the gaps lesson by putting the verbs given in the simple past tense. Only regular verbs are used.

By Kisdobos

A 2:30 trailer: Six young ninjas attempt to defend their island home, called Ninjago. During the night they fight the bad guys and monsters. During the day, they're your average teens trapped in a very non-heroic environment: high school.The 6 gapfill questions of this video lesson have simple verbs gapped that students need to fill in by listening closely to what's being said. You can replay each scene if they need more than one listening.Aimed at Pre-Intermediate (A2) level students.The accent is American English, and the style of speech is colloquial.

By ivaenglish

The focus is to allow students the joys of watching Monster Inc and interacting with their classmates at specific points in the movie. After each question, students are encouraged to ask questions of their own.

By enrichetta

mr Bean is trying to have a picnic in the park, but a wasp keeps distubing him

By mrredmond

First watch on non-interactive mode to see the video uninterrupted. Then, go through the video on interactive mode and answer the questions

By Lemonjelli

The students will answer simple questions about vocabulary, weather, emotions, and present continuous ("What is x doing?").

By TeacherBariloche

Asking about the visuals + some listening comprehension for beginners or elementary students. All ages. It includes questions with "What", "What color", "How many". Verbs: be, have got, there be, can.

By guorkhan

Watch and try to put the words into correct order. Also youy may have them do the actions as well.

By TeacherBariloche

Song video. Students watch and answer questions about what they can see. (questions with What? Where?)

By Lemonjelli

Present continuous, description, basic vocabulary comprehension, using comparatives

By ndewaal

To watch the video and answer comprehension questions about the different parts in a story.