A short history of Saint Patrick

leclusea March 09, 2017

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A video with short questions
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Video quiz questions (printable)

1) Where is Saint Patrick's Day celebrated?

Fill the gap: It is celebrated in ________________________

2) When is Saint Patrick's Day celebrated?

  • on March 17th
  • on March 27th
  • on March 7th

3) What happened to Patrick?

Fill the gap: He was kidnapped by ________________________

4) What's the French for ''slave''?

Fill the gap: It means ________________________

5) What did Saint Patrick explain?

  • the Catholic religion
  • the Muslim religion
  • the Hindu religion

6) What is the famous plant in Ireland?

  • the rose
  • the shamrock
  • mint

7) What did each leave represent?

  • the father
  • the mother
  • the son
  • the holy spirit
  • the uncle

8) What did Saint Patrick do?

Fill the gap: He drove the ________________________ out of Ireland.

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