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What's a Real Friend?

Valeria_G March 15, 2018


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Task description & scene summary

Task description:
It is the listening task. Here you need to do the multiple choice tasks, unscramble the sentences, fill the gaps.
Scene summary:
It is a video about friendship.
Tired of having backstabbing "friends"? Learn how to find real friends—and to be one!
The video is taken from here:
Video length: 3 minutes 58 seconds
Video genre: Tutorial, how-to video
Lesson type: Basic listening comprehension - Hearing check ("Can you make out the words being said?")
Student types:
Communicative function: how to explain things in English
Language exam: IELTS (General)
Copyright license: Creative Commons Attribution License
First published: 2018-03-15, 10:35:17 (GMT+1)

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Video quiz questions (printable)

1) What's a real friend? Choose a few defenitions.

  • a toxic friend
  • someone who brings out the best in you
  • someone who always spreads lies about you
  • someone who is always there for you
  • they can even stick closer than a brother

2) What kind of friend should you look for?

  • look for a toxic friend
  • look for what's in inside
  • look for a rude friend
  • look for a friend who you can trust
  • look for a party animal friend
  • look for a friend who forgives
  • look for a friend who isn't honest with you
  • someone who doesn't hold your mistakes against you

3) Find the correct word order.

Put the words in order: friend fake One than ones. hundred better good is a

4) To find a good friend you may have to look outside your ... .

  • ozone
  • poisson
  • comfort zone

5) Find the correct word order.

Put the words in order: for yourself. clone just of settle Don't a

6) Find the correct word order.

Put the words in order: have. don't could you friends or hobbies talents that Potential have

7) Fill the gap.

Fill the gap: Real friends need to have good ________________________

8) Why toxic friends are bad friends?

  • they care only about what they can get out of you
  • they are reserved
  • they tear you down because of the way you talk, look or even for your beliefs
  • they are open-minded and tolerant

9) You need to chose ...

  • book-smart friends
  • smart-in-life friends
  • sympathetic friends

10) Find the correct word order.

Put the words in order: friends from learn True each other.

11) How do you get a friend like that?

  • you need to be hard-hearted
  • you need to take the initiative
  • take the first step and start a conversation
  • don't ask them questions and talk about yourself
  • ask them questions and listen

12) Find the correct word order.

Put the words in order: of Be loyal. friend the kind that's

13) Find the correct word order.

Put the words in order: just Keep on but yourself an eye an take not in others. interest

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