By default the iSLCollective Copyright License will be assigned to the file (work) you upload.

-use the work for private or classroom purposes only
-keep the downloaded file (the 'Work') on their PC or other private storage devices
-share the Work with a colleague in email, or share with them a photocopy of
the Work (but only if they give credit to the author and pass the Work along with this iSLCollective Copyright License - this obligation is called "Share Alike" obligation, so that the license cannot be
ignored by anyone in the future)
-adapt the Work to their group in case of classroom use, ie. in order to
correct typos, include new exercises, change the original wording, or exclude any existing parts of the Work
-link on blogs or websites to the original file hosted on iSLCollective

-reupload (reshare) the Work on public file sharing platforms on the internet (e.g.
-distribute (publish) the Work in a printed format, such as a book or
any worksheet collection for the public to see
-sell the Work
-share the Work with a colleague in email or in photocopied format,
without giving credit to the author or providing the license of the Work.

Above you could read a human-readable (simplified) version of the full legal code. You can read the full legal text here.

Please also read our Disclaimer.
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