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  • ESL Printable of the day

    A 50 questions test in two versions.
    Key included.
    Level: Pre-intermediate (A2)
    Student Type: business/professional, high school, adults
    Skill: Writing
  • ESL Projectable of the day

    Portpourri Note Game
    Level: Elementary (A1), Pre-intermediate (A2), Intermediate (B1), Upper-intermediate (B2)
    Student Type: high school, elementary school
    Skill: Writing
  • ESL Teaching tip of the day

    A very simple warmup activity for kids\\'

    - find the softest ball you can
    - have all the students stand up
    - get a simple stopwatch
    - write the target question and answer on the board;
    eg. Q. What is your favorite food? A. My favorite food is.....
    - the teacher asks each student the question as they throw the ball
    - the student catches the ball and answers as they throw the ball back to the teacher
    - if both the answer and the throw is ok, the student sits down
    - this process is repeated until all the students have sat down

    The teacher can time how long it takes for the whole class to sit down.
    The times can be recorded.

    A lot of elementary school classes enjoy trying to beat their time from the previous lesson.
    A chart can easily be made to show their results over a one week/ one month period.

    Very simple, but fun and effective!

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