English ESL Verbs: Action verbs Powerpoint presentations - Most downloaded (106 Results) | Page 6

  • Most common verbs in English - ESL powerpoints
    Most common verbs in English
    By hgon001
    Learn about the top common verbs in English. Action Verbs with photo and spelling sounds in present tense. Follow our channel to le...
  • VERBS - ESL powerpoints
    By kokoorozco
    Verbs is an action word. A word used to describe an action, state, or occurrence, and forming the main part of the predicate of a sentenc...
  • What do you do after school? Verbs - ESL powerpoints
    What do you do after school? Verbs
    By souriaria
    Describe your after school activities through some common phrases: I help my mum, I watch TV, I go swimming,.. Photos ard download fr...
  • Actions I can/I can't - ESL powerpoints
    Actions I can/I can't
    By lenakf
    This is a PPT with different actions. In the first part the kids discover the verbs and in the second part they have to make their own se...
  •  Fun and Easy Movement Activity "Hide and Run" from a zombie - ESL powerpoints
    Fun and Easy Movement Activity "Hide and Run" from...
    By nancyisfancy
    Halloween movement activity based on the pictures of zombie and cats: -zombie = hide -cat = keep moving Can be used as a warm-up activ...
  • basic verbs - ESL powerpoints
    basic verbs
    By bkkriszta
    This ppt was made to present basic verbs in English. I used Garfield as a character to illustrate the meaning of the verbs to students of...
  • Daily Routines & Telling Time - ESL powerpoints
    Daily Routines & Telling Time
    By jeremywallace916
    This ppt was created for my third grade online ESL speaking class. The students are shown pictures of various daily routines along with t...
  • Daily Routine - ESL powerpoints
    Daily Routine
    By RCecy
    Daily routine actions for elementary school students and teachers. They show actions you can do during home time. ajsajhsjahsajhsjahsajh...
  • Rain Songs ppt with links to several songs on youtube - ESL powerpoints
    Rain Songs ppt with links to several songs on youtube
    By whiskeymac
    PPT on topic of rain, rain cycle (weather), written response either if they like rain or not, or their song preference out of the selecti...
  • Verbs (Past and Future Tense) - ESL powerpoints
    Verbs (Past and Future Tense)
    By MarkTeacher88
    A simple PP consisting of eight slides with two sentences in each slide of past tense and future tense verbs. All verbs are highlighte...
  • Directions/Actions Game! - ESL powerpoints
    Directions/Actions Game!
    By mayapaullynaw
    Sit your students in a circle and preferably have a big dice; let your students take turn rolling. The activity corresponding to the numb...
  • Verb forms - ESL powerpoints
    Verb forms
    By Divyakumaran
    This will be useful for introducing the verb forms to the students. It can also be used for recapitulating the verbs forms which have...
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