English ESL Numbers: Cardinal numbers Powerpoint presentations - Most downloaded (37 Results) | Page 2

  • Game: Pair-up 2 - ESL powerpoints
    Game: Pair-up 2
    By teachertracyesl
    (Note: This is a revised version of my previous post: "Game: Shapes Pair-up". Here, you will find two slides with different pairs of obje...
  • Teaching numbers advanced - ESL powerpoints
    Teaching numbers advanced
    By teacherclaucanales
    Review of numbers for advanced adult learnes. Fractions, millions, billions, dates and extra tips. Specially meant for executive english ...
  • animals numbers game - ESL powerpoints
    animals numbers game
    By nebojsa986
    It's a game designed to practice vocabulary of double digit numbers and animals, click to hear and see the number then select and say the...
  • How Many Witches Flashcards - BINGOBONGO Learning - ESL powerpoints
    How Many Witches Flashcards - BINGOBONGO Learning
    By agokidsesl
    ***Please note, these flashcards are made to go with our "How Many Witches" Original song. Please check the link below!*** Halloween i...
  • Multiplication and Division - ESL powerpoints
    Multiplication and Division
    By valdofilo92
    Simple math word problems to practice multiplication and division. It was made for a third grade class at an international school in Beij...
  • Farm animal families - ESL powerpoints
    Farm animal families
    By mafuma0
    It focuses on Kindergarten, beginners and students with special educational needs. To familiarize with the names of the males, females an...
  • guessing game to revise numbers - ESL powerpoints
    guessing game to revise numbers
    By ckautz
    "look at the picture and guess how old these celebrities are. your teacher will tell you "more" or "less""
  • Let\'s play with numbers! - ESL powerpoints
    Let\'s play with numbers!
    By Cristal Clear
    The objective of this powerpoint is to help A1 students memorize the numbers from 0 ti 100. They must first revise the numbers from 1-20 ...
  • Pasapalabra (rosco) - ESL powerpoints
    Pasapalabra (rosco)
    By luisinagaudio
    It is an interactive game that consists of discovering a series of words or concepts through the letters of the alphabet.It is a wonderfu...
  • Guess the name - Classroom objects - ESL powerpoints
    Guess the name - Classroom objects
    By Gislika
    This is a very simple Speaking activity in which students should look at the silhouette and make a sentence saying the object's name. It...
  • Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews (Redesigned and revised version) - ESL powerpoints
    Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews (Redesigned and...
    By coniyu
    This is a very good book for kids to learn and have fun! Yet, the original version is still a bit too difficult for my kids, so I have re...
  • "What Time is It" Class Game - ESL powerpoints
    "What Time is It" Class Game
    By apop2020
    This is a what time is it PPT game. Students have to say what time it is then incorporate the target vocabulary (Ex. "It's 12:00. It's lu...
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