English ESL Past simple vs continuous tense Powerpoint presentations - Most downloaded (68 Results) | Page 6

  • Past tenses - ESL powerpoints
    Past tenses
    By Bpad
    It is a powerpoint you can use in your classes to explain the different pasts in English. You have past simple, past continuous, past per...
  • Past Tense- An Overview - ESL powerpoints
    Past Tense- An Overview
    By heikeh
    A power point presentation to re-cap of Simple Past Tense. It looks at the simple and continuous tenses. It comes with the rules on how t...
  • Past Tenses - ESL powerpoints
    Past Tenses
    By englishlover56
    A PowerPoint presentation series about tenses. Educate students in different world classes. Suitable for all learners, depending on how ...
  • Verb Tense Timeline - ESL powerpoints
    Verb Tense Timeline
    By LizPuyal
    This is a visual representation of the main verb tenses in English. Students find it useful to be able to visualise the tenses in terms o...
  • The Past Tenses - ESL powerpoints
    The Past Tenses
    By aszalma
    A PowerPoint Presentation to explain the use and structure of the different past tenses. It includes the past simple, past continuous and...
  • Box Game - past simple X past continuous - ESL powerpoints
    Box Game - past simple X past continuous
    By zailda
    Students have to read and complete sentences using the past simple or the past continuous. After they say it aloud, click the check box. ...
  • Teens and Adults - ESL powerpoints
    Teens and Adults
    By willwisher
    A PPT presentation about the relationship between teens and parents.It deals with the problems that may occur between different generatio...
  • Past simple and past continuous: combined uses - ESL powerpoints
    Past simple and past continuous: combined uses
    By Stefanou
    Just a few pictures combining both tenses mentioned. No test, this is just an introduction to show your students how it works. You have p...
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