English ESL Questions and short answers Powerpoint presentations - Most downloaded (100 Results) | Page 2

  • How many legs does it have? - ESL powerpoints
    How many legs does it have?
    By Wais1
    Level: beginner (primary students) Topic: numbers, animal vocabs Objective: Practice using 'How many', Have/ has, number What i...
  • IELTS speaking part 1: Home - ESL powerpoints
    IELTS speaking part 1: Home
    By ference
    This short IELTS practise ppt is part of my series covering speaking tasks. It is mainly about describing and giving personal information...
  • Animal Zoom Game (Yes, it is! / No, it isn't!) - ESL powerpoints
    Animal Zoom Game (Yes, it is! / No, it isn't!)
    By BrookeSensei
    I have found this beginner game to be good for reviewing various animal names and helpful for practicing and reviewing Yes, it is! / No, ...
  • School Manners - ESL powerpoints
    School Manners
    By zubda
    A multiple choice game on school manners.
  • Spontaneous speaking about holidays - ESL powerpoints
    Spontaneous speaking about holidays
    By coursanglais
    You would need to adapt this power point as my version doesn't allow me to make the numbered boxes disappear when you click on them. Basi...
  • Past Simple Tense. What did Doug,the Pug last weekend? - ESL powerpoints
    Past Simple Tense. What did Doug,the Pug last weekend?
    By HannaRevolve
    This is a Power Point to drill the Past Simple Tense. Students look at the pictures and tell what the pug did its last weekend. Then they...
  • Types of Questions - ESL powerpoints
    Types of Questions
    By Tatiana25011991
    The presentation shows some types of questions in English. After a brief demonstration of the types, students have to complete some tasks...
  • Personal Information - ESL powerpoints
    Personal Information
    By verusi
    Asking and giving personal information by means of a board game. It is a semi-controlled activity. Sts will answer a question or ask the ...
  • Memory Game - ESL powerpoints
    Memory Game
    By jgorbski
    A simple activity to wake up a drowsy mind. A set of six slides and accompanying questions to develop memory, reading, observation skill...
  • English Conversation - ESL powerpoints
    English Conversation
    By MarkTeacher88
    This PP is designed as an interactive lesson with your students. Meant for teaching English as a second language. You show the slide a...
  • Classroom Language - ESL powerpoints
    Classroom Language
    By KlausseVF
    Cut! Put in order! and Paste! :) The objective of this worksheet is to work on basic values related to classroom language. It focus on ...
  • Meeting people - basics of English communication for Russian speakers - ESL powerpoints
    Meeting people - basics of English communication...
    By Olive_Olie
    This presentation is a good way to start an English speaking course for beginners. Has comments in Russian for better explanation. Covers...
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