English ESL Questions and short answers Powerpoint presentations - Most downloaded (55 Results) | Page 3

  • Personal Information - ESL powerpoints
    Personal Information
    By verusi
    Asking and giving personal information by means of a board game. It is a semi-controlled activity. Sts will answer a question or ask the ...
  • PASS THE BALL elementary questions  - ESL powerpoints
    PASS THE BALL elementary questions
    By nana75
    A nice game to practise questions and answers . I use it with my elementary students at summer camp and we have so much fun . It takes ab...
  • What's this? - ESL powerpoints
    What's this?
    By tolida
    Practising the first question of our English studies. You can practise What's this? It's a ... , Is it a ... Yes, it is./No it isn't. qu...
  • "The Name Game", "How are you?" and "Likes and dislikes" - ESL powerpoints
    "The Name Game", "How are you?" and "Likes and...
    By janettorres
    Learn how to present yourself and how to answer, learn the how are you? conversation and also likes and dislikes. Have fun creating conve...
  • Guess the Questions - ESL powerpoints
    Guess the Questions
    By Lybrah
    Look at the pictures and see if you can guess what the question is (the answers on the slides).
  • Meeting people - basics of English communication for Russian speakers - ESL powerpoints
    Meeting people - basics of English communication...
    By Olive_Olie
    This presentation is a good way to start an English speaking course for beginners. Has comments in Russian for better explanation. Covers...
  • PTE/IELTS Practice Listening Test 1 - ESL powerpoints
    PTE/IELTS Practice Listening Test 1
    By jamielee
    In this presentation, you can listen to a telephone conversation and have a go at the 2 questions that relates to the recording. This can...
  • Countries and Nationalities - ESL powerpoints
    Countries and Nationalities
    By betulkosovali
    This is a presentation about some countries, their capital cities and nationalities. At the end of this presentation, you can find a smal...
  • Health & Illness - ESL powerpoints
    Health & Illness
    By Mary Jo Slater
    The objective for this presentation is the students are able to identify and associate vocabulary of the unit with their own real context...
  • Where are you going? - ESL powerpoints
    Where are you going?
    By giancarlorotolo
    This worksheet is suitable for practicing English using different places, it has got three different parts, allowing the teacher to use i...
  • Questions for young learners - ESL powerpoints
    Questions for young learners
    By yuliatumanova
    there you'll find how to form questions and answer them / for primary school ESL/ it covers the verb TO BE, THERE IS THEER ARE, HAVE GOT,...
  • Building questions and negative sentences with aux. verb do - ESL powerpoints
    Building questions and negative sentences with aux....
    By susanglim
    This PP is for teaching when to use aux. verb to do with making questions and negative statements in simple and past present. Designed f...
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