English ESL There is / there are / there was / there were / there will be, etc. Powerpoint presentations - Most downloaded (56 Results) | Page 4

  • Carnival, carnival, carnival!!! - ESL powerpoints
    Carnival, carnival, carnival!!!
    By mafuma0
    This presentation is focused on achieving three specific aims: • To reinforce the difference between “there’s” and “there are” • To le...
  • Places of my town - ESL powerpoints
    Places of my town
    By Galia83
    Game for practicing words on the topic Town for students of the 1 and 2 grades for Beginner pre-A1 Children can read and write words fro...
  • What is there - Game - ESL powerpoints
    What is there - Game
    By felipebertto
    In this fun and practical activity, students have 30 seconds to look at the pictures and later describe them using as many details as pos...
  • My house - ESL powerpoints
    My house
    By Scx
    This is a powerpoint presentation about the different types of houses, the rooms and the furniture that you can find in a house. It also ...
  • The house - ESL powerpoints
    The house
    By Nadaj
    Kinds of houses and the rooms of the house
  • Guess the name - Classroom objects - ESL powerpoints
    Guess the name - Classroom objects
    By Gislika
    This is a very simple Speaking activity in which students should look at the silhouette and make a sentence saying the object's name. It...
  • There is vs it is - ESL powerpoints
    There is vs it is
    By PaulinaKapelska
    Another issue that tends to be problematic and confusing for students. After the click the correct answer is simply put in circle. If yo...
  • Use of There is - There are  - ESL powerpoints
    Use of There is - There are
    By DianneLaChasseresse
    Grammar guide, slides with examples using questions with "How many" and the use of There is - there are, ideal for children, complete usi...
  • There be - sffirmative - negative - interrogative - ESL powerpoints
    There be - sffirmative - negative - interrogative
    By Mariansc
    In this presentation your students can learn about There is, There are, a/ an / some / any. It is a very simple and complete way to expl...
  • house world link - ESL powerpoints
    house world link
    By demosvalera
    All related too a house. Questions how many rooms are there? there is a room.There is a bedroom, a bathroom, a yard, elevator, living ro...
  • There is/There are - ESL powerpoints
    There is/There are
    By nilbelli
    This objective of that ppt is mainly about the use of There is/are so that the learners can get the idea of using the structure.There is...
  • office supplies - ESL powerpoints
    office supplies
    By novaluce
    This is a worksheet about office supplies. You can practice 'there is/are' expressions with this material. I have used this worksheet in ...
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