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  • What are they saying? - ESL powerpoints
    What are they saying?
    By grayo46
    This is a PPT designed to get young kids saying everyday general phrases. I used this for a group of 5-7 year olds in China and went well...
  • A or An  - ESL powerpoints
    A or An
    By irenaphan
    This is a worksheet for grade 1 (elementary). A or An Articles worksheet for grade 1. Please follow the instruction. Focus while ...
  • Korean Food-Through English-Week one - ESL powerpoints
    Korean Food-Through English-Week one
    By joydolly
    This is a lesson that will teach the students how to make Korean cucumber kimchi, and steamed eggs. Vocabulary, recipe and process of p...
  • Let's make a video vocabulary and ideas. - ESL powerpoints
    Let's make a video vocabulary and ideas.
    By DrRob
    Some basic ideas and vocabulary to get the students using English in a practical way by getting them to produce a short 3-5 minute video ...
  • What are they saying? Part 2 - ESL powerpoints
    What are they saying? Part 2
    By grayo46
    Using pictures of animals and people to describe everyday phrases. Good for a warm-up or cool-down. Hope you find it useful. This is the ...
  • Cognates - ESL powerpoints
    By loonylupinteacher
    These are slides about false friends in English-Portuguese, for Elemnetary Pre-Intermediate students to work out their abilities in telli...
  • This Is- Place presentation - ESL powerpoints
    This Is- Place presentation
    By jamielee
    In this presentation you will learn your first simple sentence "This is". We cover common places that you may go to on a daily basis. So...
  • Vocabulary Time 4 - 6th Graders - ESL powerpoints
    Vocabulary Time 4 - 6th Graders
    By giancarlorotolo
    Random words to complement and improve your students' vocabulary. It has got some filled words (hints ) to guide at first, but the teache...
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