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  • Instruments vocabulary - Pass the ball game - ESL powerpoints
    Instruments vocabulary - Pass the ball game
    By IngridLotter
    Use this game to practice vocabulary for instruments. Remove the harder ones and adjust for your own classes. Can use it with higher leve...
  • VTS Lesson on Tense Verbs agreement and parts of speech - ESL powerpoints
    VTS Lesson on Tense Verbs agreement and parts of...
    By Anglophile
    This presentation is based on Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS, which enables students to develop aesthetic and language literacy and crit...
  • Numbers 1 to 10 - ESL powerpoints
    Numbers 1 to 10
    By Marcelox10600
    You can use this slide to present the numbes from 1 to 10. Then your students can review color and fruits and spell the names of numbers....
  • Dragon boat festival  - ESL powerpoints
    Dragon boat festival
    By Kibb
    The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional holiday which occurs on the 5th day of the 5th month of the traditional Chinese calendar. The f...
  • Play, Go and Do: Free Time Activities - ESL powerpoints
    Play, Go and Do: Free Time Activities
    By KhunWilden
    This PPT is a fun way to review free time activities. The main aim of the lesson is to encourage Ss to write about their free time act...
  • English Stories - ESL powerpoints
    English Stories
    By janenx
    Here are some short English teachers with pictures. The students won't be bored reading the story. I want to share to you all the stories...
  • How To Teach Causative Verbs To ESL Students - ESL Lesson Plan - ESL powerpoints
    How To Teach Causative Verbs To ESL Students - ESL...
    By Off2Class
    When to use this lesson plan Before you determine how to teach causative verbs, it’s important to know when to teach them. Firstly, th...
  • Small Talk B1-C2 - ESL powerpoints
    Small Talk B1-C2
    By TTaraGC
    The objective of this lesson is to increase the comfort of casual speaking. START your lesson with your own small talk (how are they, ho...
  • Day, Month, Year, Date - ESL powerpoints
    Day, Month, Year, Date
    By Khansa234
    it tells about What Time Is It material for class 7 of Junior high school. besides day, month, year, date, it includes cardinal and ord...
  • Pirates. Find the gold game. - ESL powerpoints
    Pirates. Find the gold game.
    By oolga888888
    You can teach any topic using this game. Here you can separate class on two or more teams. Let one kid form team answer question or say ...
  • Farm animals and sounds - ESL powerpoints
    Farm animals and sounds
    By Kibb
    This ppt is about farm animals and their sounds, it's also has an activity about animals sounds identification, some of the animals inclu...
  • adjectives  - ESL powerpoints
    By yiyangchen0
    learn adjectives with disney cartoon caracters
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