English ESL Home Powerpoint presentations - Most downloaded (214 Results) | Page 18

  • Tic-Tac-Toe - ROOMS - ESL powerpoints
    Tic-Tac-Toe - ROOMS
    By zailda
    Assign nought to one team, cross to other. First player chooses a square (you click on the corresponding number on the yellow circles on ...
  • Housing in Great Britain - ESL powerpoints
    Housing in Great Britain
    By martinasal
    The presentation shows different types of houses in Great Britain. The note below some of the slides tells where the picture is from. The...
  • Kitchen Flashcards - ESL powerpoints
    Kitchen Flashcards
    By BlackbirdSarah
    Flashcards showing various items found in the kitchen. Names reveal on click so students have the opportunity to recall the name befor...
  • Houses around the World - ESL powerpoints
    Houses around the World
    By PGGP
    This is a game to practise the names of different types of houses around the world: cottage, stilt house, igloo, tent, palace, mansion, c...
  • Incredible English 1 - Unit 9 - Starters Practice - Parts of the ho... - ESL powerpoints
    Incredible English 1 - Unit 9 - Starters Practice -...
    By andreaegeapato
    Incredible English 1 Unit 9 Starters Practice Parts of the house Write YES or NO Ideal for students who are starting to study Eng...
  • Practicing Prepositions - ESL powerpoints
    Practicing Prepositions
    By GoodFruitMedia
    This is a fun activity for the classroom. This is a worksheet where students first identify common household objects and furnishings. The...
  • The Home - past tense verb flashcards - ESL powerpoints
    The Home - past tense verb flashcards
    By BlackbirdSarah
    Flashcards showing various actions you can do around the house in the past tense. Can be used to introduce vocabulary or as a memory r...
  • House furniture - ESL powerpoints
    House furniture
    By TariqGabier
    This powerpoint will help young learners with furniture in a house. It will help them to pronunce the word correctly and help them recogn...
  • At Home - ESL powerpoints
    At Home
    By englishlover56
    PowerPoint presentation. Vocabulary: home, garden, activities ar home and in the garden. Video exercises included. Repeat and study th...
  • jdathebestfriend080372@gmail.com - ESL powerpoints
    [email protected]
    By jda20
    In this section the students and his or her teacher will practice preposition of the place by using parts of a house, rooms, home applian...
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