English ESL Likes and dislikes Powerpoint presentations - Most downloaded (45 Results) | Page 4

  • Introduction - Back-to-school class - ESL powerpoints
    Introduction - Back-to-school class
    By IrinaPedra
    Hi, these slides are prepared to help you carry out the first lesson of the academic year. It includes different slides to introduce your...
  • Expressing  likes - ESL powerpoints
    Expressing likes
    By Divyakumaran
    This ppt aims at making the students to talk about their likes. This ppt contains several pictures with clue words. By using th...
  • How to make a review - ESL powerpoints
    How to make a review
    By chileangirl
    In this PowerPoint presentation there are different slides that show the steps in order to create a review about: films, books or series....
  • I like,I don't like  - ESL powerpoints
    I like,I don't like
    By jardinekelso
    I like and I don't like or I love and I hate matched with animals and food and descriptive adjectives for 8-12 year olds . Child must re...
  • Gerunds: likes & dislikes - ESL powerpoints
    Gerunds: likes & dislikes
    By jeremywallace916
    This Power Point was created for 4th grade ESL speaking classes. Students will give responses about likes & dislikes. Then they will crea...
  • My portrait - ESL powerpoints
    My portrait
    By cliahay
    A simple document for my pupils with special needs (can easily be used in primary schools too I guess) to enable them to introduce themse...
  • How to find a right career - ESL powerpoints
    How to find a right career
    By Aniegrg
    This lesson is based on the first 3 steps of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhpcgpqWc1Q&t=88s The average time of doing t...
  • Justin's weekly schedule - ESL powerpoints
    Justin's weekly schedule
    By veszpremi
    This slideshow presents Present Simple (e/3 -s), includes free-time activities, days of the week, like/dislike. Students need to use...
  • Superheroes: speaking and writing - ESL powerpoints
    Superheroes: speaking and writing
    By SuzanyStock
    This ppt is a new version. Students are going to talk and writr about superheroes. They talk about it then watch a movie trailer. Afte...
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