English ESL Rooms in the house Powerpoint presentations - Most downloaded (40 Results) | Page 3

  • Homes around the world - ESL powerpoints
    Homes around the world
    By Eftimia
    This Power Point presentation shows different types of homes around the world, parts of the house, furniture specific for different parts...
  • Golden Bell (2019) - Popular quiz format in Korea - ESL powerpoints
    Golden Bell (2019) - Popular quiz format in Korea
    By KimchiEater2
    Here\'s my latest Golden Bell PowerPoint. Golden Bell is the name of a popular quiz show on Korean TV that features different schools. Ho...
  • My flat, my house - ESL powerpoints
    My flat, my house
    By yanaet12
    Junior students name the rooms in the flat. Answer the teacher's questions and then describe thier own flats, houses, rooms. This powerpo...
  • Items used in the living room - ESL powerpoints
    Items used in the living room
    By Davewill
    This is a power point showing some common items found in the living room. It is intended for learning vocabulary about everyday objects i...
  • My house - ESL powerpoints
    My house
    By Scx
    This is a powerpoint presentation about the different types of houses, the rooms and the furniture that you can find in a house. It also ...
  • Rooms of the house Easy Reader - ESL powerpoints
    Rooms of the house Easy Reader
    By heidibeckwith
    This easy reader shows a mouse who lost its sense of smell trying to find food. It goes to each room of the house before finding the kit...
  • Housing presentation - ESL powerpoints
    Housing presentation
    By eduvinas
    This is an useful PowerPoint to help students to improve their house vocabulary. The vocabulary is a bit demanding so is perfect for stud...
  • Types of acommodations - ESL powerpoints
    Types of acommodations
    By TinaEnglish22
    Here you will learn different types of acommodation in English. You will see the images of the acommodation as well as learn the differen...
  • The utility room vocabulary - ESL powerpoints
    The utility room vocabulary
    By Miguel10
    Hello everyone! This worksheet is useful for practicing vocabulary. The goal of this exercise is to match the pictures and the word...
  • The Messy Room - there be, prepositions and vocabulary - ESL powerpoints
    The Messy Room - there be, prepositions and vocabulary
    By zailda
    Full screen, just click and the things will happen. The students have to answer the questions in each slide. Questions deal with there is...
  • The Money Pit - ESL powerpoints
    The Money Pit
    By lalaroza
    Reviewing parts of a house. Watch the movie trailer then answer the questions. It's a funny way to review.
  • What does your desk say about you - ESL powerpoints
    What does your desk say about you
    By yanasinilova
    Look at the picture, name the things and say if the disk is tidy or not. Tell the class about the table where you work and study. Say wha...
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