English ESL Socializing, small talk Powerpoint presentations - Most downloaded (27 Results) | Page 2

  • Small Talk - ESL powerpoints
    Small Talk
    By kaksak
    A presentation that goes introduces the fundamentals around small talk. It includes things to talk about, not to talk about as well as...
  • Basic Etiquette Rules - ESL powerpoints
    Basic Etiquette Rules
    By Terry777
    The main objective is to review the basic etiquette rules with your sudents. Another goal is to encourage students to discuss these rule...
  • how to say Sorry - ESL powerpoints
    how to say Sorry
    By Nastya110686
    This presentation can help you to learn several variants of saying sorry in English. How can you apologie in a formal and informal ways. ...
  • Travel Language - ESL powerpoints
    Travel Language
    By kaksak
    Summary: In this presentation, we go over some language related to air travel, vacations, overland travel, and sea/ocean travel. Th...
  • common conversations in ashop, cafe, railway station  - ESL powerpoints
    common conversations in ashop, cafe, railway station
    By shakhnozay
    This is what I use in my lessons for students whose mother tongue is Russian. This is good especially for adults. It is used for explaini...
  • Shopping Part 3 - ESL powerpoints
    Shopping Part 3
    By jamielee
    In this powerpoint presentation, we close the topic on shopping at the supermarket. In this presentation, it covers simple conversations ...
  • expressing agreement and disagreement - ESL powerpoints
    expressing agreement and disagreement
    By tasoula
    For Business English Students and for Intermediate level students. It gives a brief outline of the basic functional language items which...
  • Social Media and Key Opinion Leaders - ESL powerpoints
    Social Media and Key Opinion Leaders
    By TeachTEFL
    This presentation focuses on Key Opinion Leaders which come in the form of traditional celebrities, politicians, and popular social media...
  • This Is- Place presentation - ESL powerpoints
    This Is- Place presentation
    By jamielee
    In this presentation you will learn your first simple sentence "This is". We cover common places that you may go to on a daily basis. So...
  • Possessive adjectives and pronouns - ESL powerpoints
    Possessive adjectives and pronouns
    By Piousboy85
    this presentation is about the difference between possessive adjectives and possessive adverbs this presentation is about the difference...
  • Simple past with Aerosmith - ESL powerpoints
    Simple past with Aerosmith
    By luzmeryardila83
    The students can work with a lyric song amazing from Aerosmith, the students should learn verbs and vocabulary at the same time expressio...
  • ppt- Can you find someone who... - ESL powerpoints
    ppt- Can you find someone who...
    By readytospeak
    This PPT is aimed to let the students get to know each other. It is used as a grouping method in class. You can ask them to be grouped ac...
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