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What Does It Really Mean To Be Addicted To Shopping?

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It will be needed to pause the video a couple of times to be able to fill in the gaps and answer the questions
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In this week's episode of the Racked series, Your Brain on Shopping, we answer whether shopping addictions truly exist. Are you a compulsive or impulsive buyer? Studies suggest that there are more people in the United States addicted to shopping than to alcohol, so how come we don't take it as seriously? A look at how your brain processes purchases when you are part of the 5.8% of people who needs to shop.
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Video quiz questions (printable)
1. Choose the correct options.
If they have that in my size...
I buy it
I'll buy it
I bought it
2. Fill the gap.
… an actual compulsive disorder, rooted in the same part of the brain as substanceaddiction.
3. Fill the gap.
… of course chasing that good feeling haslimits.
4. Fill the gap.
this is wherecomes into play for anperson
5. Choose the correct options.
when shopping the brain ends up using a lot of energy to curb that desire, essentially *depleting* self-control
Except from
6. Fill the gap.
We view it as a resource it's kind of like a
7. Choose the correct options.
We can ____ our hability of self-control
8. Fill the gap.
8 percent of the US population actually cannot they're known as compulsive
9. Match the two halves.
nonchalant, unworried, detached
Compulsive shoppers
Disappointed w/ the limits
Non compulsive shoppers
Less aware of the budget
Non compulsive shoppers
unfazed by overspending
Compulsive shoppers
10. Fill the gap.
They are
11. Guess the end.
Do compulsive shoppers like to go shopping with other people?
12. Guess the end.
Can you explain the meaning of *follow a pattern*?
13. Fill the gap.
We can acceptbecause they're substances, and we ingest them, and so they somehow change us.
14. Fill the gap.
Solutions are much more attainable for impulsive shoppers an effective way of controlling impulsive behavior is
15. Guess the end.
it's much easier to avoid buying the entire Mac palette if you just beeline for the one eyeliner you came in for
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