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Should we be looking for life elsewhere in the universe? - Aomawa Shields

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Identify the article or zero article in a video about life in the universe and space.
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Identify the article or zero article in a video about life in the universe and space.
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4 minutes 36 seconds
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Video quiz questions (printable)
1. Fill the gap.
Astronomers have discovered thousands of planets orbiting stars other thanSun.
2. Fill the gap.
closest of them are trillions of miles away, and even the largest are just fuzzy patches in the fields of high-powered telescopes.
3. Fill the gap.
Astronomers discover these potentially habitable planets, and their eyes get big and wide.
4. Fill the gap.
Maybe we should askdifferent question first.
5. Fill the gap.
Each spacecraft carriedgolden phonograph record,
6. Fill the gap.
ocean waves, thunder,sounds of birds and whales.
7. Fill the gap.
Each golden record displayslocation of our solar system with respect to fourteen pulsars.
8. Fill the gap.
Many years later, renowned physicist Stephen Hawking said that it wasmistake to give an alien species a roadmap to our planet.
9. Fill the gap.
In 1990, both Voyager spacecraft passed beyondorbit of Pluto.
10. Fill the gap.
… there'spossibility that they could decipher the clues from the golden record and one day reach our planet.
11. Fill the gap.
That life could be benevolent, as we would hope to be ifhumans are one day able to achieve interstellar travel.
12. Fill the gap.
We risk our very way oflife.
13. Fill the gap.
Perhaps there is room to pushfrontiers of science,
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