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Articles (Part 3)

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Task Description
Students should do a number of tasks related to the usage of articles based on soem rules
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Scene summary
What is the task? Only English text, please! Students should do a number of tasks related to the usage of articles based on soem rules
Video source
Articles (Part 3)
Video length
3 minutes 38 seconds
Video genre
Cartoons for kids & kids' videos
Language goals
Grammar practice
Grammar topic
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The above lesson is a great teaching resource for:Intermediate (B1), Upper-intermediate (B2)
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This resource is intended for:High schoolers
High schoolers
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This resource does not contain any images, words or ideas that would upset a reasonable person in any culture.
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Video quiz questions (printable)
1. Choose the correct options.
We ... with the folowing words: advice, fun, work, permisson, health, impression, news, weather, money, luck, nature , nonsense.
can use the indefinite article (a,an)
can't use he indefinite article (a,an)
2. Fill the gap.
These worms dont likebad weater because it is alwaysgreat fun to fool around on a hot sunny day. (a,an,the,-)
3. Fill the gap.
ant is a strong animal. (a, an, the,-)
4. Fill the gap.
ant (any ant) has got eight legs. У муравья (любого) 8 ног. (a, an,the,-)
5. Fill the gap.
This task is so easy thatchild can do it. (a, an,the,-). Это задание такое легкое, что и ребенок может выполнить его.
6. Fill the gap.
These ants like swimming insea but they aren't atsea now. (a, an, the,-)
7. Fill the gap.
The worms wish they were attable now eating all this food. (a,an,the,-)
8. Choose the correct options.
We use ... when we go to ... doctor/bank/cinema/theatre/dentist/toilet/the post-office.
the definite article (the)
the indefinite article (a,an)
the zero article (-)
9. Fill the gap.
They have eaten a lot of sweet things so they will have to go todentist tomorrow. (a,an,the,-)
10. Fill the gap.
After eating a lot of food, these worms must go totoilet. (a,an,the,-)
11. Fill the gap.
The red worm hit the first ant onear. (a,an,the,-)
12. Fill the gap.
Then the red worm hit the second ant onshoulder. (a,an,the,-)
13. Fill the gap.
They will learn this lesson byheart. (a,an,the,-)
14. Match the two halves.
by the hand
за руку
by hand
в ручную
by heart [ha:t]
close to heart [ha:t]
близко к сердцу
by ear
на слух
15. Correct the wrong word.
The ant has taken its stick out of its pocket.
16. Choose the correct options.
We use ... when we talk about historic events and epochs ['i:pɔk] .
the definite article (the)
the indefinite article (a,an)
the zero article
17. Fill the gap.
It looks like as ifWorld War Two is going. (a,an,the,-)
18. Fill the gap.
The punishment gives the antssatisfaction. (a,an,the,-)
19. Fill the gap.
The worms will be punished as if they were inMiddle Ages. (a,an,the,-)
20. Fill the gap.
It wasevening when everything happened. (a,an,the,-)
21. Fill the gap.
It wasnoon when the yellow worm was punished. (a,an,the,-)
22. Choose the correct options.
With to be/become/to grow/ to get/to turn+early/late/broad/high/yesterday/tomorrow+days of the week + parts of the day we use ....
the definite article (the)
the indefinite article (a,an)
the zero article
23. Fill the gap.
It washigh noon when they finished punishing the worms. (a,an,the,-)
24. Fill the gap.
night was cold yesterday. (a,an,the,-)
25. Fill the gap.
It wasfine summer afternoon when they started playinghide-and-seek. (a,an,the,-)
26. Fill the gap.
- Can you playguitar ? (a,an,the,-)
27. Match the two halves.
in the twilight ['twaɪlaɪt]
в сумерках
at sunset
на закате солнца
at night
at dawn
на рассвете; на заре;
28. Fill the gap.
Summer is their favourite season. (a,an,the,-)
29. Fill the gap.
It will revenge itself on the red worm as it did insummer of 2017. (a,an,the,-)
30. Choose the correct options.
We use ... with the days of the week and months.
the definite article (the)
the indefinite article (a,an)
the zero article (-)
31. Fill the gap.
It waswarm June when they decided to play hide-and-seek. (a,an,the,-)
32. Fill the gap.
The red worm would like to stay the first week in the Hilton andnext hotel where it was going wasPlaza. (a,an,the,-)
33. Fill the gap.
Science Museum is a major museum in London. (a, an, the,-)
34. Fill the gap.
Tate Gallery is the oldest art museum in London. (a,an,the,-)
35. Fill the gap.
Unicorn Theatre in London is the UK's leading theatre dedicated to producing inspiring shows for young audiences. (a,an,the,-)
36. Fill the gap.
Open your books onpage 27. (a,an,the,-)
37. Fill the gap.
The worm didn't turn overlast page in the book it read yesterday. (a,an,the,-)
38. Fill the gap.
They playedsame game in1990s. (a,an,the,-)
39. Fill the gap.
If it kicks the red worm, the yellow worm will be sent toprison.
40. Fill the gap.
If the yellow worm is ill and it is inhospital, the red worm usually goes tohospital to visit it. (a,an,the,-)
41. Fill the gap.
The yellow worm wouldn't like to be inprison, if it killed the red worm. (a,an,the,-)
42. Fill the gap.
I think the other bugs wouldn't go toprison to visit the yellow worm. (a,an,the,-)
43. Fill the gap.
When they were younger, they went toschool and every term their parents were invited toschool. (a,an,the,-)
44. Fill the gap.
Where areheroes ? (a,an,the,-)
45. Fill the gap.
It wasearly spring. And ,frankly speaking, it washot spring. (a,an,the,-)
46. Fill the gap.
It wascold winter. It waslate winter. (a,an,the,-)
47. Fill the gap.
The red worm didn't havebreakfast inmorning. (a,an,the,-)
48. Fill the gap.
- Come here,worm ! (a,an,the,-)
49. Fill the gap.
Listen to me,young man ! (a, an, the, -)
50. Fill the gap.
When they will comehome, they will sit down onbed. (a,an,the,-)
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