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Articles part 5

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Task Description
Students should do a number of tasks related to the usage of the articles and they should deal with some set expressions
Video details
Scene summary
Students should do a number of tasks related to the usage of the articles and they should deal with some set expressions
Video source
Articles part 5
Video length
2 minutes 32 seconds
Video genre
Cartoons for kids & kids' videos
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Grammar practice
Grammar topic
Other pedagogical goals
The above lesson is a great teaching resource for:Upper-intermediate (B2), Intermediate (B1)
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This resource is intended for:High schoolers
High schoolers
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Video quiz questions (printable)
1. Fill the gap.
The boy wanted to givehand and he intendedto dofavour in order to save his friends. (a, an, the, -)
2. Fill the gap.
Asresult, this situation can give youchance to broden your experience and knowledge (a, an, the, -)
3. Fill the gap.
His idea, inparticular, the way he decided to fulfill it, will help him to makewider circle of friends. (a, an, the, -)
4. Fill the gap.
Inconclusion, having a large number of friends will be beneficial in the end, to my way ofthinking. (a, an, the, - )
5. Fill the gap.
Sometimes people movehome for various reasons and and there's a question whatright age to leave- home is. (a, an, the,-)
6. Fill the gap.
Music can begreat fun and , inaddition, it can raise your mood. (a, an, the, -)
7. Fill the gap.
They don't likebad weather and probably,main reason why they're here is the following - they want to defeat that guy.(a, an,the,-)
8. Fill the gap.
They can enjoypicturesque nature and takecare of it, too. (a,an,the,-)
9. Fill the gap.
Music gives yougreater freedom and helps you to explorebeauty of nature. (a, an, the, -)
10. Fill the gap.
This guy will show themway back home. Whatrelief ! (a, an, the, -)
11. Fill the gap.
sudden roar of music appeared indistance. (a,an,the,-)
12. Fill the gap.
It's difficult to fitregular exercise routine into your life but you should do this and then you will takeadvantage of it.(a,an,the,-)
13. Fill the gap.
Infact, the more hectic lifestile you have, the more you benefit fromworkout. (a,an,the,-)
14. Fill the gap.
Atfirst sight, this monster is indanger of being demolished. (a,an,the,-)
15. Fill the gap.
Onsecond thoughts, it appears that he will winfirst prize. (a,an,the,-)
16. Fill the gap.
The guy addedextra bedroom on this ship to have enoughroom for everyone. (a,an,the,-)
17. Fill the gap.
Brooks don't seepoint in obeying the rules . (a,an,the,-)
18. Fill the gap.
Consumers had hoped the higher prices would mean more goods in stores. But that was notcase. (a,an,the,-)
19. Fill the gap.
If you aredeсent driver, you should stay within the speed limit and haverespect for your own life. (a,an,the,-)
20. Fill the gap.
And if you are an attentive driver, you should makepoint of keepingsafe distance from other vehicles. (a, an)
21. Fill the gap.
If you drive a car, you should be aware offact that any vehicle can bedangerous vehicle. (a,an,the,-)
22. Fill the gap.
Every hero in the world should dogreat deal to save every person and he is often viewed withadmiration. (a,an,the,-)
23. Fill the gap.
Some monsters want to meetprime minister to presentargument that they don't tolerate this war anymore. (a,an,the,-)
24. Fill the gap.
Formost people, taking photos is regarded asway of recording holidays. (a,an,the,-)
25. Fill the gap.
This guy makesliving bymeans of creating music. (a, an, the,-)
26. Fill the gap.
I think, that any photographer needsspecial permission to set up his equipment close toaction happening on the spot . (a,an,the)
27. Fill the gap.
In order to getgood shot, you shoud be onspot and be extremely attentive. (a,an,the,-)
28. Fill the gap.
A sports photographer needsgood knowledge ofsport he is covering. (a,an,the,-)
29. Fill the gap.
For the past two years this monster has been working for a company which producesmeat food. (a,an,the)
30. Fill the gap.
The company this monster has been working for is extremely powerful but its contract is coming toend very soon. (a, an,the,-)
31. Fill the gap.
Atlast, the monster should look for a company which paysbetter salary and it might consider going overseas.(a,an,the,-)
32. Fill the gap.
They can seeship atdistance of 100 km. (a,an,the,-)
33. Fill the gap.
We can see a monster atfront of the ship. (a,an,the,-)
34. Fill the gap.
This monter enjoysextremely good health but its reign will come toend soon. (a,an,the,-)
35. Fill the gap.
They should takeaction to save themselves and in order to be onsafe side they should be attentive and careful. (a,an,the,-)
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