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Noun Plurals (part 2)

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Task Description
Students should deal with uncountable nous which can become countable? nouns in -ics, such nouns as a means -means, a species -species and so on.
Video details
Scene summary
Students should deal with uncountable nous which can become countable? nouns in -ics, such nouns as a means -means, a species -species and so on.
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2 minutes 10 seconds
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Cartoons for kids & kids' videos
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Grammar practice
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The above lesson is a great teaching resource for:Upper-intermediate (B2)
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This resource is intended for:High schoolers
High schoolers
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Video quiz questions (printable)
1. Choose the correct options.
The following nouns - luggage, mumps - are ...
singular and uncountable
plural and countable
2. Fill the gap.
I havebeautiful hair. (a, an,the,-)
3. Choose the correct options.
Can the noun GLASS be countable ?
4. Fill the gap.
I wantglass of water. This vase is made ofglass . (a,an,the,-)
5. Fill the gap.
It isevening paper . The book is printed onlow-quality paper. (a,an,the,-)
6. Fill the gap.
tall youth was standing near the wall when I entered the room. (a,an,-)
7. Fill the gap.
It's a great way to know what your child likes, and it's reallyenjoyable experience(=cобытие). (a,an,-)
8. Fill the gap.
Recently, my wife and I hadvery unexpected experience (=происшествие) at our local Sears store. (a,an,-,the)
9. Fill the gap.
She wasreal beauty and they used to say that she was drop dead gorgeous. (a,an,the,-)
10. Fill the gap.
The rules in a language for changing the form of words and joining them into sentences is calledgrammar. (a,an,the,-)
11. Fill the gap.
English Grammar is a book for everyone who are eager to be successful. (a,an,the,-)
12. Fill the gap.
It ismarvellous work of art, for sure ! (a,an,the,-)
13. Fill the gap.
The experts saidfire (пожар) could happen any time. (a,an,the,-)
14. Fill the gap.
Do not buildfire (костер) unless absolutely necessary. (a,an,the,-)
15. Fill the gap.
DO NOT fightfire (огонь)when fire reaches explosives. (a,an,the,- )
16. Fill the gap.
Make sure your hotel hasiron (утюг). (a,an,the,-)
17. Fill the gap.
Iron can enter the circulation and as a result cause side reactions or an iron poisoning. (a,an,the,-)
18. Fill the gap.
There islovely wood near my house in Spain. (a,an,the,-)
19. Choose the correct options.
What is the plural for A SERIES ?
serieses ['sɪ(ə)ri:ziz]
series ['sɪ(ə)ri:z]
20. Fill the gap.
The city was used asbarracks for the army until 1932 and then it was completely abandoned. (a,an,-)
21. Fill the gap.
Work began in 1844 to builddefensible barracks which were used later as stores. (a,an,-)
22. Fill the gap.
The Atlantic bluefin tuna isspecies of tuna in the Scombridae family. (a,an,-)
23. Fill the gap.
Alien species that threaten ecosystems, habitats or species can be detrimantal. (a,an,-)
24. Fill the gap.
Actually it is not a movie butseries. (a,an,the,-)
25. Fill the gap.
ICAO hasheadquarters which is located in London and seven regional offices. (a,an,the,-)
26. Fill the gap.
Azerbaijan is a country where civilization and culture are connected, it iscrossroads of civilizations. (a,an,the,-)
27. Fill the gap.
But we are atdangerous crossroads which is extremely perilous . (a,an,the,-)
28. Fill the gap.
A barracks (ед.ч.) барак, казарма –(мн.ч.) бараки, казармы
29. Fill the gap.
A corps [kͻ:] корпус –[kͻ:z] корпуса
30. Fill the gap.
A means (ед.ч.) средство -(мн.ч.) средства
31. Fill the gap.
A crossroads (ед.ч.) перекрёсток -(мн.ч.) перекрестки
32. Fill the gap.
A headquarters (ед.ч.) центральный орган какой-то организации -(мн.ч.) центральные органы какой-то организации
33. Fill the gap.
A series (ед.ч.) ряд , сериал, cерия -(мн.ч.) ряды, сериалы, серии
34. Fill the gap.
a works - завод -- заводы
35. Fill the gap.
new glassworks produces a lot of goods. (a,an,-)
36. Choose the correct options.
Nouns ending in - ics denoting science or sports is ...
37. Fill the gap.
Billiards ['bɪljədz]my fvourite pasttime. (is,are)
38. Fill the gap.
The mumpsa dangerous illness. (is,are)
39. Fill the gap.
Shingles ['ʃiŋg(ə)lz]an unpleasant illness. (is,are)
40. Fill the gap.
The newsinteresting. (is,are)
41. Fill the gap.
Acoustics [ə'ku:stɪks]a branch of physics. (is,are)
42. Fill the gap.
Physicsthe natural science that studies matter, its fundamental constituents. (is,are)
43. Fill the gap.
The unemployment statistics [stə'tɪstɪks]disturbing. (is,are)
44. Fill the gap.
It's because his politicsthe politics of fear. (is,are)
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