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The Last Living Members of a Soon to Be Extinct Species

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Task Description
Listen to the video and fill in the gaps in the sentences with the missing verbs.
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In the savannahs of Kenya, two female northern white rhinos, Nájin and Fatu, munch contentedly on grass. They are the last two known northern white rhinos left on Earth. Their species is functionally extinct— without a male, they can’t reproduce. And yet, there’s still hope to revive the northern white rhino. How can that be? Jan Stejskal dives into the science of reviving a dying species.
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Lectures (e.g. TED talks)
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Video quiz questions (printable)
1. Fill the gap.
And yet, there's still hope tothe northern white rhino.
2. Fill the gap.
Concerned conservationists beganto breed them in captivity in the 1970s, collecting andsemen from males.
3. Fill the gap.
With no living males and no females ablea pregnancy, this is a complicated and risky process to say the least.
4. Fill the gap.
They would havethe eggs, a complex procedure that requires a female to befor up to two hours.
5. Fill the gap.
Then, they'da viable embryo in the lab something that had never been done before, and no one knew how.
6. Fill the gap.
Even that was just the beginning a surrogate mother of another rhino species would havethe embryo to term.
7. Fill the gap.
Experts of IZW Berlin beganeggs from southern white rhinos andthem to Avantea.
8. Fill the gap.
There, scientistsanda technique to create a viable embryo.
9. Fill the gap.
As of early 2020, the plan isNájin and Fatu's eggs three times a year if they're healthy enough.
10. Fill the gap.
… researchers arefor promising southern white rhino surrogate mothers ideally who'vea pregnancy to term before.
11. Fill the gap.
… so researchersa southern white rhino would be able to carry a northern white rhino to term.
12. Fill the gap.
The ultimate goal, which will take decades, is toa breeding population of northern white rhinos in their original range.
13. Fill the gap.
Studies suggest that we have samples from enough individualstoa population
14. Fill the gap.
Do we have a responsibilityto bring species back from the brink
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