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Colombian Culture vs. American Culture

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Listen and filled out the gapListen and filled out the gapListen and filled out the gapListen and filled out the gapListen and filled out the gap
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Colombia vs USColombia vs USColombia vs USColombia vs USColombia vs USColombia vs US
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4 minutes 6 seconds
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Lectures (e.g. TED talks)
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Grammar practice
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Business/professional students
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This resource does not contain any images, words or ideas that would upset a reasonable person in any culture.
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Video quiz questions (printable)
1. Fill the gap.
They make probably a good person to make about 15 a day andnot very much.
2. Fill the gap.
… but there are really happy people and that's just something that I learned while Iserving there is that you don't have to be …
3. Fill the gap.
… theyeither perform for you.
4. Fill the gap.
Whenstopped at a stoplight it's,
5. Fill the gap.
… and then someone will come out into the middle of the crosswalk andstart juggling chainsaws or fire,
6. Fill the gap.
… and some I guess some liquids and fluid andspray your windshield and they'll start washing it off and then they'll,
7. Fill the gap.
Columbia is known for having flowers and Isay a lot of the flowers that you buy in your local grocery store are from Columbia,
8. Fill the gap.
So alsosee people selling flowers on the streets,
9. Fill the gap.
So I found that was really interesting and really entertaining as well, because theyhave a lot of super talented people.
10. Fill the gap.
And you stopped at a stoplight andsee people jumping on each other's shoulders and you'll.
11. Fill the gap.
See someone another interesting thing is that yousee someone just frozen on the street,
12. Fill the gap.
… and if you drop a coin into the little box out in front of it, then theydo some kind of animation, or some kind of fun thing.
13. Fill the gap.
And so I thought that was interesting that peopleliterally do anything to be able to provide for their families there.
14. Fill the gap.
That kind of surprised me was that when you are in a car and youclosing the car door, you need to make sure you close it.
15. Fill the gap.
But in Colombia, if you close the door, harder than you know closing it softly those peopleget at you for it.
16. Fill the gap.
get yelled at saying, like, what are you and trying to break my car?
17. Fill the gap.
… which is by donato and,
18. Fill the gap.
… but they will just blast this music from the streets whereverat and,
19. Fill the gap.
People and yougo there and it's funny because people are asking all the time.
20. Fill the gap.
Yeah, we dance a little bit, and theysay, cool, great, but it was nothing like how they danced.
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