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Jordan Peterson - Is a Transgender Person a Real Woman

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Watch the short video and do your best to answer the pop-up questions. Good luck! ; )
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This is an interview with Jordan B Peterson. He's asked about his opinions about gender equality.
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11 minutes 26 seconds
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Lectures (e.g. TED talks)
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Video quiz questions (printable)
1. Fill the gap.
supporters of the bill said he was advocating prejudice from there.
2. Fill the gap.
You've been publicizing your book, and they've generatedheated debates.
3. Fill the gap.
people have tried though not very successfully, but they've tried it.
4. Fill the gap.
and i actually think it's a foolish argument insense, because what do you mean by real?
5. Fill the gap.
Well,other definition?
6. Fill the gap.
And I fought very hard towomen into public life into the labour party and yeah, and uh, yeah.
7. Fill the gap.
… forpeople, the kind of personal does become the political
8. Fill the gap.
… but certainly equality of opportunity is very important, and actuallymen would benefit from that.
9. Fill the gap.
howgroup differences are you going to equalize across?
10. Fill the gap.
There iscountry in the world where you know,
11. Fill the gap.
You said,earlier in the interview, which you said, it's, the moral guidance that you are are focused on.
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