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B1 test (tenses)

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Task Description
Students should deal with the Present Simple /Future Simple, the Present Perfect Simple/Continuous, the Past SImple, the Past Continuous.
Video details
Scene summary
Students should deal with the Present Simple /Future Simple, the Present Perfect Simple/Continuous, the Past SImple, the Past Continuous.
Video source
B1 test (tenses)
Video length
2 minutes 46 seconds
Video genre
Cartoons for kids & kids' videos
Language goals
Grammar practice
Grammar topic
Other pedagogical goals
The above lesson is a great teaching resource for:Intermediate (B1)
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This resource is intended for:High schoolers
High schoolers
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This resource does not contain any images, words or ideas that would upset a reasonable person in any culture.
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Video quiz questions (printable)
1. Fill the gap.
The mana song yesterday. Hea song the whole evening yesterday. (to sing, to sing )
2. Fill the gap.
The mana song tomorrow. Hehis song and as a result he is free now. (to sing, to sing )
3. Fill the gap.
The mana song for a minute. Hea song at present .(to sing, to sing)
4. Fill the gap.
The manto fight monsters recently. Heto do this for a long time. (to decide, to want)
5. Fill the gap.
This manto sing now. Hefrom five to six o'clock yesterday. (to want, to sing)
6. Fill the gap.
It wasn't raining and when healong the street, hea monster. (to walk, to notice)
7. Fill the gap.
While that manthen, the other man. (to dance, to hide)
8. Fill the gap.
The monsterthe man, when itto eat that man. (to chase, to decide)
9. Fill the gap.
The man(понял) that he is in danger now. (to understand)
10. Fill the gap.
This guysince the morning and he hasn't stopped yet. (to dance)
11. Fill the gap.
The manfrightened since hethat monster. (to be, to meet)
12. Fill the gap.
The man looks stylish now and heto be a superstar. (always, to want)
13. Fill the gap.
The manacross monsters since heschool. (not to come, to finish)
14. Fill the gap.
Since the cartoon, the manseven songs. (to begin, to sing)
15. Fill the gap.
While the first mansounds , the second manaway from that monster. (to produce, to run)
16. Fill the gap.
I thought hedown in a second. (to fall)
17. Fill the gap.
Since the manrunning, the monsterafter him and it is going to continue its activity. (to start, to run)
18. Fill the gap.
Look ! The man. The manfor twenty minutes. (to run, to run)
19. Fill the gap.
The manyesterday. The manthe whole evening yesterday. (to run, to run)
20. Fill the gap.
Heamazing at the moment and he(считает) that he is a real star. (to look, to think)
21. Fill the gap.
Hefor a long time that he is a coward. Heabout this issue now. (to think, to think)
22. Fill the gap.
The mana knapping hammer now and, heto get home at present. (to have, to want)
23. Fill the gap.
Heto escape yet and hedown at present. (not to manage, to fall)
24. Fill the gap.
Nothingsince the main characterdown. (to happen to fall)
25. Fill the gap.
The main charactersince 10 o'clock and he is still on the ground. (to lie)
26. Fill the gap.
The first manfun while the second manthen. (to have, to suffer)
27. Fill the gap.
The manhome when he decided to stop hunting monsters. (to walk)
28. Fill the gap.
The guyand now he is returning home. (to escape)
29. Fill the gap.
He will be overjoyed when hehome in a minute. (to come)
30. Fill the gap.
The manhis kitchen up if hefree tomorrow. (to tidy, to be)
31. Fill the gap.
The firewhen the man came home. (to burn)
32. Fill the gap.
The fire(горит) since the manhome. (to burn, to return)
33. Fill the gap.
The fire.(still, to burn)
34. Fill the gap.
The manhis fireplace several times since hehome. (to light, to arrive)
35. Fill the gap.
The maninto the distance for some time since hethe room and he is still looking there. (to look, to enter)
36. Fill the gap.
If heangry, heall his kitchen. (to be, to destroy)
37. Fill the gap.
Hea sword. (already, to find)
38. Fill the gap.
39. Fill the gap.
40. Guess the end.
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