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SONG: Leave the door Open - Silk Sonic

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Task Description
Listen to chunks and identify their meanings. Listen to words and identify them.
Video details
Scene summary
Bruno Mars and Andersom Paak singing - Leave the Door Open in the 2020 Grammy Awards
Video length
4 minutes 16 seconds
Video genre
Music videos
Language goals
Listening comprehension
Other pedagogical goals
The above lesson is a great teaching resource for:Intermediate (B1)
Student type
This resource is intended for:Adults, High schoolers, Business/professional students
High schoolers
Business/professional students
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This resource does not contain any images, words or ideas that would upset a reasonable person in any culture.
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Video quiz questions (printable)
1. Match the two halves.
You got plans?
Have you got plans?
don' say that
Don't say that.
Where you at?
Where are you?
Watcha doin'?
What are you doing?
2. Fill the gap.
I'm sippin'in aI look to good to be alone.
3. Unmix the sentence.
4. Find the extra word.
I have just shaved (Smooth like a newborn)
5. Choose the correct options.
We should be dancing, romancing, in the east wing And the west wing of this mansion __________________
what's happenin?
we are standing,
stop stranding.
6. Choose the correct options.
What do 'ain't', 'tryna' and I'ma mean? I ain't playin' no games...So if you tryna lay in these arms, I' leave the door open
ain't = have not tryna= try not I'ma = I'm a
ain't = am not tryna= try I'ma = I'm gonna
ain't = am not tryna= try to I'ma = I'm a
ain't = am not tryna= trying I'ma = I'll leave
ain't = have not tryna = I'ma = I'll leave not
7. Fill the gap.
I'ma leave the door open (I'ma leave the door open) I'ma leave the door open, girl (I'ma leave the door open,)
8. Choose the correct options.
That you feel the way I feel And you want me like I want you tonight, baby Tell me that you're coming through What does 'come through' mean?
to do what is needed or expected
To travel through a particular place or area.
to understand
to move through and object
9. Match the two halves.
Ooh baby, don't keep me
And if you're hungry,
girl I got filets (Wohoo)
If you smoke (What you smoke?)
I got the haze (Purple haze)
I won't bite (Uh-huh)
Unless you like (Unless you like
Ooh, you're so sweet (So sweet)
So tight (So tight)
10. Fill the gap.
I'm talking, cuddling Rose in the bathtub, girl lets jump in It's bubblin'
Lesson Plan
1. Tell them to pay attention in how the person in the song tries to convince the girl to come to his house.
Discussion questions
1. What would the perfect romantic night be like?
2. How would you invite a person you are interested to your house??
Vocabulary list
come through
4. To perform or act as expected. After promising a victory, the captain of the team came through with a great game on Friday night. Ask Ben to bring the ice—he'll come through. Any time I call my mom, she comes through for me with love and support. 5. To be received, transmitted, or broadcast. Call me back later—you're not coming through well, so I can barely hear you. 6. To travel through a particular place or area.
to sip
To drink from some beverage in small amounts at a tim
A long loose flowing outer garment, especially: a. often robes An official garment worn on formal occasions to show office or rank, as by a judge or high church official. b. An academic gown. c. A dressing gown or bathrobe.
a. Having a surface free from irregularities, roughness, or projections; even. See Synonyms at level. b. Free from waves or disturbances; calm: The lake is smooth today.
a. A structure that forms an extended part of or is attached to a main structure: the east wing of the school; the children's wing of the hospital.
A large stately house.
Purple haze
a type of marijuana
hug affectionately; to lie close and snug; embrace
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