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5 dangerous things you should let your kids do

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Comprehension questions, vocabulary, useful phrases on the topic, target language
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a guy describes some advice on kids educations, what parents should let them do
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Listening comprehension
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Video quiz questions (printable)
1. Fill the gap.
I borrow my friends' children, so -- (Laughter) take all thiswith a grain of salt.
2. Fill the gap.
So wea lot of things, and I do put power toolsthe hands of second-graders.
3. Fill the gap.
There doesn't seem to be anyon how crazy child safetycan get.
4. Fill the gap.
We put warnings on coffee cups to tell us that themay be hot.
5. Fill the gap.
… then the first time that kids come in contact withsharp,
6. Fill the gap.
Andall of our best efforts and intentions,
7. Fill the gap.
(Laughter) So despite thetitle,
8. Fill the gap.
to control one of the most elemental forces in nature is a pivotal moment in any child's personal history.
9. Fill the gap.
These are the three workingof fire that you have to have for a good, controlled fire.
10. Fill the gap.
Pocketknives are kind of drifting out of our cultural, which I think is a terrible thing.
11. Fill the gap.
And in a lot of cultures they give knives -- like, as soon as they're, they have knives.
12. Fill the gap.
And it shows that kids can develop an extended sense of selfa tool at a very young age.
13. Fill the gap.
I have some terribleon my legs from where I stabbed myself.
14. Fill the gap.
But when you exercise them, any given muscle adds strength to the whole system, and thatto your brain, too.
15. Fill the gap.
… 3D, and structural problem solving, so it helps develop their visualization skills and their predictive ability.
16. Fill the gap.
There is a world of interesting thingsyour dishwasher.
17. Fill the gap.
… and nohow complex they are, they can understand parts of them.
18. Fill the gap.
So these black boxes that we live with and take forare actually complex things made by other people,
19. Fill the gap.
(Laughter) There are laws beyond safety regulations thatto limit how we can interact with the things that we own -- in this …
20. Fill the gap.
… these big things in the outside world, that they're trying to get aon.
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