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Anarchy & Security

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This video specifically looks at anarchy and the security dilemma in international relations. So here we go! classical approaches to the study of international relations posit that the international system is defined above all by anarchy.
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The simplest answer is no one. Because states are sovereign, no higher authority with the capacity to enforce its decisions exists. States are thus often said to exist in a "self-help environment," meaning they must find ways to enforce agreements they entered into themselves.
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Anarchy & Security
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4 minutes 21 seconds
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Video quiz questions (printable)
1. Fill the gap.
… where we introduced several the foundational concepts to the study of international.
2. Fill the gap.
So here we go classicalto the study of international relations,
3. Fill the gap.
… the international system is defined by theof sovereign states,
4. Fill the gap.
within theboundaries of the state.
5. Fill the gap.
… adjudicate disputes andorder,
6. Fill the gap.
They enteredthemselves.
7. Fill the gap.
… the scope of that on our key varies, depending upon the specific country's.
8. Fill the gap.
… we mightdifferent theoretical approaches to international relations,
9. Fill the gap.
… we'll just focused on the mainstreamwhich assert that the existence of Anarchy in the international system,
10. Fill the gap.
A state feelingby its neighbors.
11. Fill the gap.
decides to expand itsspending other countries respond in a similar manner,
12. Fill the gap.
Here here country a isby neighbors, whom it believes.
13. Fill the gap.
it increases military spending and builds new.
14. Fill the gap.
… and they now feel, asthey could not stand up to country a if it decided to attack them.
15. Fill the gap.
So each of its neighbors makes an apparently rational decision totheir own military responding in response building new …
16. Fill the gap.
… because of thetensions most countries probably feel less secure than they did before they increased military spending.
17. Fill the gap.
That is the security dilemma is a situation in which actions taken by one state to increase their own securityto responses by …
18. Fill the gap.
The security dilemma is a natural outgrowth of the condition of anarchy, which they arguethe international system.
19. Fill the gap.
so becauseof insecurity,
20. Fill the gap.
… a veryintroduction to Anarchy and the security dilemma,
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