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Developing Emotional Intelligence

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To discover how emotionally intelligent you are, take the quiz at Emotional Intelligence refers to the ability to recognize, interpret and process emotions in yourself and others. While genetics, upbringing and environment all play a role, there are steps you can take to develop your emotional intelligence over time.
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Get to know yourself. Emotionally intelligent people are self-aware. They have a realistic appreciation of their strengths and weaknesses, and how they come across to others. Peer feedback is one way of improving your self-awareness and may uncover a few emotional blind spots. Learn your triggers. Linked to the notion of self-awareness is knowing how you are likely to respond in particular situations. Think about how you felt last time you were under pressure. Did these feelings help or hinder you? Recognizing emotions, and the source of these emotions, can shift your emotional state.
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Video quiz questions (printable)
1. Guess the end.
What is emotional intelligence?
2. Guess the end.
Whats does mean self-aware?
3. Guess the end.
What are your strengths and weakness?
4. Guess the end.
What are blind spots?
5. Guess the end.
What does mean triggers ?
6. Guess the end.
How you felt last time you were under pressure?
7. Guess the end.
Are you initial speaker usually? And do you like to start open conversation first?
8. Guess the end.
In general ,Do you like to take responsibility caring of others and lead them?
9. Guess the end.
If you get angry , how long it take you to calm down?
10. Guess the end.
What does mean this expression?
11. Fill the gap.
isn't aboutemotions.
12. Guess the end.
What kind of exercises you doing for your emotional intelligence? how do you recognize your emotional intelligence?
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