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filling gaps Diplomacy or the art of negotiation has been in existence from a very ancient time. The era of 1st billion BC witnessed some of the drastic developments in the patterns of diplomacy.
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Other early traces include the Middle East regions which were fast emerging. Treaties began to be drafted between many Mesopotamian states and ‘Akkadian’ or more popularly known as ‘Babylonian’ was developed as the first diplomatic language.
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diplomacy 1
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Video quiz questions (printable)
1. Fill the gap.
diplomacy or the art of negotiation has been infrom a very ancient time.
2. Fill the gap.
The early Roman empires, sent envoys to the neighboring empires, to extend cordial.
3. Fill the gap.
other earlyinclude the Middle East regions wood for fast emerging treaties began to be drafted between many Mesopotamian …
4. Fill the gap.
Theof diplomacy flourished and became a tool for promoting international trade,
5. Fill the gap.
These kingdoms continued the practice of exchangingas a method of peacekeeping.
6. Fill the gap.
And this system has relevance into modern-day.
7. Fill the gap.
… the Industrial,
8. Fill the gap.
And it was the colonization of most of the Asian andcountries by Britain,
9. Fill the gap.
The Ambassadors,enjoyed a special position and formed an elite group in their respective colonies.
10. Fill the gap.
Thesecontinued for long until diplomacy,
11. Fill the gap.
and the war impacts were huge,
12. Fill the gap.
… all those measures failed todiplomacy and ambassadors were rendered useless and war conditions prevailed leading to the …
13. Fill the gap.
And were given independence to form their ownbodies.
14. Fill the gap.
Diplomacy is notto political relations,
15. Fill the gap.
However, with the end of bipolarity between the two superpowers diplomacy, witnessed new.
16. Fill the gap.
And more regulation was bought in the consular offices, modern-day diplomacy, somewhat.
17. Fill the gap.
The European principle ofimmunities to envoy's is thus well supported by both local governments and international …
18. Fill the gap.
… to encourage them to workfear, or kerschen further.
19. Fill the gap.
Some of thetypes include defense personnel, diplomats for attending conferences, professional diplomats, etc.
20. Fill the gap.
… adopting differentfor imparting training to various types of fent voice and every state sets its own eligibility …
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