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Ethical Choices:Eat Meat, Use Leather or Not

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Task Description
first task - multiple choice, second task - multiple choice, third task - matching
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In his TED Talk "Leather and Meat without Killing Animals", Andras Forgacs talks about how he uses 3D printing technology to produce leather and meat.
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4 minutes 5 seconds
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Lectures (e.g. TED talks)
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Listening comprehension
The above lesson is a great teaching resource for:Intermediate (B1)
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This resource is intended for:High schoolers
High schoolers
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This resource does not contain any images, words or ideas that would upset a reasonable person in any culture.
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This resource is licensed by linguastacy under the Creative Commons Attribution License.
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Video quiz questions (printable)
1. Choose the correct options.
Tick the reasons why Andras Forgacs is worried about having so many farm animals on the planet.
The animals will use big amounts of land and water
The animals will produce more greenhouse gases.
It will cause many wild animals to become extinct.
Diseases will spread more easily.
2. Choose the correct options.
Why does Forgacs think producing leather is a good place for biofabrication to begin? Tick each reason he mentions.
It's widely used.
It's beautiful.
It's cheap.
It's part of our history.
It's simple to grow.
3. Match the two halves.
It's not limited to the shape of
a cow or alligator.
It can be grown in the shape of
a wallet or a handbag.
It doesn't have
hair, scars or insect bites.
It's like normal leather because it's
made from the same cells.
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