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Female Stunt Car Driver

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Task Description
Watch this video and answer the questions to practice your speaking and listening skills.
Video details
Scene summary
In this video, you will hear about a unusual career that this young woman has chosen.
Video length
1 minute 3 seconds
Video genre
Vlogs (video blogs)
Language goals
Listening comprehension
General topic
The above lesson is a great teaching resource for:Intermediate (B1)
Student type
This resource is intended for:Adults
Lesson Function
Quality check
Quality not yet verified by the community.
This resource does not contain any images, words or ideas that would upset a reasonable person in any culture.
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Video quiz questions (printable)
1. Choose the correct options.
What sound are the tires making?
2. Fill the gap.
The cars are slidingthe corner.
3. Fill the gap.
She isyears old
4. Fill the gap.
I have been pushing cars to theirlimit for about 4 years now.
5. Choose the correct options.
What do the tires look like?
They are brand new
They are worn out
They are bald
6. Choose the correct options.
Who taught her how to drive this way?
Her brother
Her best friend
Her boyfriend
Her dad
7. Choose the correct options.
What does 'male dominated' mean?
Men control the stunt driver industry.
Mostly men work as stunt drivers.
Women want to control the industry.
8. Choose the correct options.
What does 'make fun of' mean?
She was the one having the most fun
She like to make jokes and everyone laughed
People laughed at her because she was different
9. Fill the gap.
I justthem to know that theydo it!
10. Choose the correct options.
Which movies has she driven in?
Fast and Furious 8
Power Rangers
Ninja Turtles 2
11. Choose the correct options.
What does 'behind the wheel' mean?
You are the passenger in the vehicle.
The person driving the car.
You are changing the tires.
12. Guess the end.
Try to explain what this video is about in your own words.
Discussion questions
1. Why do you think mostly men do this job?
2. How would you feel driving a car in this way?
3. Does this look fun or scary to you? Why?
4. Can you summarize this video?
Vocabulary list
stunt driver
A person that drives a car in an aggressive or dangerous way for movie scenes, tv commercials or tv shows.
A activity, job or interest that is mostly done by men instead of women.
driver's seat
The seat in the car that a driver sits in.
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