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History of Far Cry (2004 - 2018)

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Watch the short film and do your best answering the questions. Good luck! : )
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This is a short review of a few first games of the Far Cry franchise. Enjoy watching! : )
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Video quiz questions (printable)
1. Fill the gap.
We're gonna be looking back at the history of the Far Cry
2. Fill the gap.
It was designed tothe new CryEngine software.
3. Fill the gap.
story, far cry 1 was a very straightforward cheesy action game.
4. Fill the gap.
The game featuredbut little else to mix up the formula.
5. Fill the gap.
It shares very little elsewith it...
6. Fill the gap.
Ubisoft Montrealof introducing some real-world elements to helped make the experience more believable from …
7. Fill the gap.
… players divided with some loving the realistic design and others finding it
8. Fill the gap.
And the open-world that was previouslywith Far Cry 2 was greatly enhanced.
9. Fill the gap.
And probably one of the mostaspects of Far Cry 3 is its storyline.
10. Fill the gap.
… decided to be a little bitwith their standalone expansion for Cry 3, Blood Dragon.
11. Fill the gap.
And while Pagan Min was a fantastic and interesting new antagonists, it stillto the insane energy of Vaas.
12. Fill the gap.
Now, Ifor trying though.
13. Fill the gap.
But Ubisoft has confirmed that things like radio towersdue to popular demand.
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