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How Does AI Learn?

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How Does AI Learn?How Does AI Learn?How Does AI Learn?How Does AI Learn?How Does AI Learn?
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How Does AI Learn?
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1. Fill the gap.
Today, artificial intelligence helps doctorspatients, pilots fly commercial aircraft, and city planners predict traffic.
2. Fill the gap.
This is because artificial intelligence is often-taught,
3. Fill the gap.
But they allon the three basic types of machine learning :
4. Fill the gap.
unsupervised learning,learning, and reinforcement learning.
5. Fill the gap.
This approach would be ideal for analyzing all the profiles to findand useful patterns.
6. Fill the gap.
This broad pattern-approach can be used to identify similarities between patient profiles and find emerging patterns,
7. Fill the gap.
… the program willvalues to those features' diagnostic significance , generating an algorithm for diagnosing future patients.
8. Fill the gap.
Doctors will make the final diagnosis and check theof the algorithm's prediction.
9. Fill the gap.
Since these plans will bein stages,
10. Fill the gap.
This program uses an iterative approach to gather feedback about which medications, dosages and treatments are most.
11. Fill the gap.
… by using them together, researchers can build complex AI systems, where individual programs canand teach each other.
12. Fill the gap.
Or perhaps dozens of reinforcement learning programs might simulatepatientto collect feedback about different …
13. Fill the gap.
There areways to create these machine-learning systems,
14. Fill the gap.
These artificial neural networks can use millions of connections todifficult tasks like image recognition,
15. Fill the gap.
But as AI becomes morein our everyday lives,
16. Fill the gap.
and communicate, we must also consider how to teach them to teach each other to operate ethically.
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