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How to Be a Team Player in the Digital Future

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Task Description
Vocabulary quiz about modern technologies and people at the same time who can`t be replaced by robots
Video details
Scene summary
A speaker tells us about human beings in the digital world and their behaviour here.
Video length
12 minutes 24 seconds
Video genre
Lectures (e.g. TED talks)
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Listening comprehension
The above lesson is a great teaching resource for:Advanced (C1)
Student type
This resource is intended for:High schoolers
High schoolers
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Quality not yet verified by the community.
This resource does not contain any images, words or ideas that would upset a reasonable person in any culture.
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This resource is licensed by Irinaboboc under the iSLCollective Copyright License.
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Video quiz questions (printable)
1. Fill the gap.
I got invited to an exclusive resort to deliver a talk about thefuture to what I assumed would be a couple of hundred tech …
2. Fill the gap.
They werebillionaires.
3. Fill the gap.
Virtual reality orreality?
4. Fill the gap.
These tech billionaires were asking afor advice on where to put their doomsday bunkers.
5. Fill the gap.
"How do I maintain control of mystaff after the event?
6. Fill the gap.
… and more importantly, makes their money
7. Fill the gap.
these are the wealthiest, most powerful men in the world, yet they see themselves asto influence the future.
8. Fill the gap.
And these are the winners of the
9. Fill the gap.
(Laughter) The digital renaissance was about theof the collective human imagination.
10. Fill the gap.
We believed that human beings connected could create any future we could
11. Fill the gap.
And the digital future became
12. Fill the gap.
And only the investors whothe best scenario-planners and futurists would be able to survive the wave.
13. Fill the gap.
And so the future changed from this thing we create together in the present to something wein some kind of a zero-sum …
14. Fill the gap.
And when things get that competitive about the future, humans are no longerour creativity.
15. Fill the gap.
Because they can use the data
16. Fill the gap.
So we ended up with a digital landscape that reallycreativity,novelty, it repressed what makes us most human.
17. Fill the gap.
No, social media is about using ourto predict our future behavior.
18. Fill the gap.
Or when necessary, to influence our future behavior so that we act moreour statistical profiles.
19. Fill the gap.
all the people.
20. Fill the gap.
… where's the button on the ridefor the drivers to talk to one another about their working conditions or to unionize?
21. Fill the gap.
Even our videoconferencing tools, they don't allow us toreal
22. Fill the gap.
… they don't work, you can't see if someone's breath isyours.
23. Fill the gap.
" And we don't blame the technology for that lack of
24. Fill the gap.
You know, even the technologies and the digital initiatives that we have to promote humans, are intenselyat the core.
25. Fill the gap.
The blockchain is here to help us have a greateconomy?
26. Fill the gap.
Or themovement.
27. Fill the gap.
Education wasfor a job well done.
28. Fill the gap.
Or the intelligence to be able todemocracy.
29. Fill the gap.
And the worst of all really is the humane
30. Fill the gap.
Now they've seen the error of their ways and they want to make technology more
31. Fill the gap.
But when I hear the expressionI think about cage-free chickens or something.
32. Fill the gap.
… "I need to earn enough money now, so I canmyself from the world I'm creating by earning money in this way.
33. Fill the gap.
… they can'tthe slavery and pollution that was caused through the manufacture of the very device.
34. Fill the gap.
… we like to think that he made thein order to spare his slaves all that labor of carrying the food up to the dining …
35. Fill the gap.
It's part of an ethos that says,are the problem andis the solution.
36. Fill the gap.
We have to stop using technology to optimize human beings for theand start optimizing technology for the
37. Fill the gap.
But that's a really hard argument to make these days, because humans are not
38. Fill the gap.
Watch television, all the sci-fi shows are about howare better and nicer than people.
39. Fill the gap.
"What's really the difference between thatand me?
40. Fill the gap.
(Laughter) And don't even get me started on the
41. Fill the gap.
And the only option for people at that point is toevolutionaryour successor and fade into the background.
42. Fill the gap.
We canambiguity, we understand paradox, we're conscious, we're weird, we're quirky.
43. Fill the gap.
OK, I'm on
44. Fill the gap.
If human beings are the most evolved species, it's because we have the most evolved ways ofand
45. Fill the gap.
And now I feel like I'm the last guy who remembers what life was like before
46. Fill the gap.
It's a matter of retrieving the values that we're in danger of leaving behind and thenthem in the digital infrastructure …
47. Fill the gap.
And that's notscience.
48. Fill the gap.
… distributeas wide as possible.
49. Fill the gap.
It means building platforms that don't repress our creativity and novelty in the name of prediction but actuallycreativity …
50. Fill the gap.
We may not bebut whatever happens, at least you won't be alone.
51. Fill the gap.
… and those tech billionaires who wanted to know how tocontrol of their security force after the apocalypse,
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