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I Found An Ocean Temple in Minecraft

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Task Description
Unscramble some sentences, answer multiple choice questions, and test your listening skills
Video details
Scene summary
pewds finds an underwater temple and gets all the gold, he dyes some sheep and things like that
Video length
30 minutes 50 seconds
Video genre
Gameplays, computer game walkthroughs
Language goals
Listening comprehension
Other pedagogical goals
The above lesson is a great teaching resource for:Elementary (A1)
Student type
This resource is intended for:High schoolers
High schoolers
Quality check
Quality not yet verified by the community.
This resource does not contain any images, words or ideas that would upset a reasonable person in any culture.
Copyright license
This resource is licensed by ChonkyBoy under the Creative Commons Attribution License.
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Video quiz questions (printable)
1. Choose the correct options.
Он убил скелетика = (translate)
he was killed a skeleton
he was kill a skeleton
he killed a skeleton
2. Guess the end.
What is jeb doing?
3. Fill the gap.
youris to be a water cow
4. Guess the end.
What is pewdiepie doing?
5. Fill the gap.
6. Choose the correct options.
Дом горит = ________
The house is burn
The house is burning
The house burns
7. Fill the gap.
Oh God, I'mdead
8. Fill the gap.
Hemy money
9. Unmix the sentence.
10. Guess the end.
How does he feel about his IKEA tower?
11. Fill the gap.
12. Choose the correct options.
it's your uncle
это твоя тётя
это твой двоюродный брат
это твой дядя
13. Guess the end.
What did he forget?
14. Choose the correct options.
I'm actually so nervous
Я кстати так спокоен
Я кстати так нервничаю
15. Fill the gap.
Doors are
16. Choose the correct options.
Он держит дыхание
He is holding his breath
He is hold his breath
He holds his breath
17. Choose the correct options.
This place is huge
Это место большое
Это место маленькое
Это место огромное
18. Fill the gap.
me that
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