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Machines and Oil

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Machines and Oil
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1. Fill the gap.
as we've discovered an airplanes engine, cannot runfuel.
2. Fill the gap.
Another valuable fluid that isfor the engine to run is oil.
3. Fill the gap.
But otherimportant functions of oil is to lubricate the moving parts of the engine,
4. Fill the gap.
A wet sump system and a dry sump system, a wet sump system like that of a Cessna 172 is a system in which the oil is.
5. Fill the gap.
In aat the base of the engine.
6. Fill the gap.
On the other hand, a dry sump system has a separate oil tank, whichthe oil system from the engine.
7. Fill the gap.
Let's take a journeythe oil system of a typical general aviation airplane as oil leaves the sump.
8. Fill the gap.
It is routed through a strainer screen as to not allow any solid contaminants tothrough the system and damage it after leaving …
9. Fill the gap.
The oil is then routedeither the oil cooler, if it is hot and needs to be cooled, or it bypasses the cooler.
10. Fill the gap.
If it's already cool enough next the oil proceeds to the oil, which removes any contaminants that made it through the strainer.
11. Fill the gap.
… cooling and cleaningthe oil has finished its journey,
12. Fill the gap.
it's imperative to check the oil level prior to flying the minimum and maximum amounts arein the airplanes flight manual …
13. Fill the gap.
outside of the normal range,
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