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How Do Drugs Affect The Brain

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Task Description
This task is for elementary and pre-intermediate students. The objectives are, first, to increase verb-related vocabulary by identifying the words in present simple spoken in the video; secondly, to comprehend specific information given explicit in the video.
Video details
Scene summary
TED Ed, an educative appealingly created channel from youtube, gives some insights on how drug comsuming habits affect our brain and thus our world's perception.
Video length
3 minutes 6 seconds
Video genre
Lectures (e.g. TED talks)
Language goals
Listening comprehension
General topic
Grammar topic
Other pedagogical goals
The above lesson is a great teaching resource for:Elementary (A1), Pre-intermediate (A2)
Student type
This resource is intended for:Adults, High schoolers
High schoolers
Quality check
Quality not yet verified by the community.
This resource does not contain any images, words or ideas that would upset a reasonable person in any culture.
Copyright license
This resource is licensed by ArturoLeandro under the iSLCollective Copyright License.
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Video quiz questions (printable)
1. Fill the gap.
Most people willa pill,an injection or otherwise take some kind of medicine
2. Fill the gap.
How can various compounds impact the way we,and even behave
3. Fill the gap.
For the most part, thison how a drugthe communication between the cells and the brain
4. Fill the gap.
Any drug must firstthe bloodstream, in a journey that canfrom seconds to hours
5. Guess the end.
Which is the slowest way (manera más lenta) for a drug to cause effect?
6. Guess the end.
Which is the fastest way (forma más rápida) for a drug to cause effect?
7. Guess the end.
What does separate the Blood Nerve Barrier?
8. Guess the end.
How can drugs unblock (desbloquear) the barrier and pass through (a través)?
9. Guess the end.
What do drugs target?
10. Guess the end.
Where does the synapsis happen?
11. Guess the end.
What does synapsis allow (permite)?
12. Guess the end.
What do neurotransmitters do?
13. Guess the end.
How do drugs affect our brain?
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