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Prince Philip

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By the Queen’s side for seven decades, Prince Philip has been around for as long as almost all of us can remember. Remarkably, he was the oldest-ever male member of the British royal family and the longest-serving consort in history.
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Life of Prince Philip with gapped sentences and open-ended questions plus questions for discussion.
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Prince Philip
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12 minutes 20 seconds
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Listening comprehension
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High schoolers
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Video quiz questions (printable)
1. Fill the gap.
… owe him agreater than he would ever claim,
2. Fill the gap.
the great outsider with a reputation forand plain.
3. Fill the gap.
Philip was asuccessful consort as far as duty was concerned,
4. Fill the gap.
but he wasn't actually Greek he had not a drop of Greek blood in his.
5. Fill the gap.
so the two princesses sort of put in.
6. Fill the gap.
Princess Elizabeth became absolutelywith her third cousin.
7. Fill the gap.
There was a lot ofabout him ...
8. Fill the gap.
.. . and in the end, Elizabeth's determination to have her man
9. Fill the gap.
… it's easy to see the radiant happiness of the princess as she and her very good-lookingpose for the cameras in the …
10. Fill the gap.
he was slightly
11. Fill the gap.
Inhe told his friends he was nothing but a bloody ameba
12. Guess the end.
How many awards have been won since 1956?
13. Fill the gap.
I haven't got one. I'm
14. Fill the gap.
And that became something that philip was actually very good at understanding how the monarchy needed towas the part that he …
15. Fill the gap.
both men were leftin 1979, when their beloved Mountbatten was murdered by the IRA in Ireland.
16. Fill the gap.
It seemed likefun.
17. Fill the gap.
, given philip'sto the media .
18. Fill the gap.
...because he was thinking the whole thing had become a great sort of media
19. Fill the gap.
... if you stay here much longer, you'll all be
20. Fill the gap.
Prince Philip, always energetic, plays polo on Smith'sWindsor Great Park.
21. Fill the gap.
Harry and Megan's decision tofrom frontline royal duties
22. Fill the gap.
.. element during the Thames riverto mark the Diamond Jubilee ...
23. Guess the end.
How many engagements did he carry out?
24. Fill the gap.
… fittingly his last as Captain General of the Royal Marines, all were aware of theof the event
25. Fill the gap.
... histo Queen and country done
Discussion questions
1. How old was Prince Philip?
2. What do you think of him as a person?
3. Did he have a remarkable life?
4. How many children did he have?
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