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RAYDU English - Period

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Task Description
Students will be able to learn words related to menstruation, and will be able to hone their comprehension skills as well as they explore the video's content.
Video details
Scene summary
This is an educational video made by RD English which shows different words and expressions related to menstruation.
Video length
6 minutes 42 seconds
Video genre
Lectures (e.g. TED talks)
Language goals
Listening comprehension
The above lesson is a great teaching resource for:Advanced (C1), Intermediate (B1), Proficient (C2), Upper-intermediate (B2)
Student type
This resource is intended for:Adults, Business/professional students, High schoolers
Business/professional students
High schoolers
Quality check
Quality not yet verified by the community.
This resource does not contain any images, words or ideas that would upset a reasonable person in any culture.
Copyright license
This resource is licensed by periwinkleblue under the iSLCollective Copyright License.
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Video quiz questions (printable)
1. Guess the end.
note: "get it over with" =get it done with / do or just finish something that is unpleasant but necessary
2. Guess the end.
note: "come in handy" =useful
3. Guess the end.
note: period / menstruation / MC (menstrual cycle)
4. Guess the end.
note: sanitary =adjective =related to things used for cleaning
5. Guess the end.
note: pad =sanitary pad/ sanitary napkin
6. Guess the end.
please click the arrow below to see a note
7. Guess the end.
note: tampon [TAM-pɑːn] =noun =a small cotton piece that has a cylinder shape that a woman uses during her period
8. Guess the end.
note: pantyliner =noun =like a sanitary pad/napkin but thinner; discharge [DIS-charj] =noun =any fluid that comes out of the body
9. Guess the end.
note: menstrual cup =noun =a cup used by a woman during period that functions like a sanitary pad
10. Guess the end.
note: (muscle) cramp =noun =a painful tightening of a muscle/muscles that limits movements
11. Guess the end.
note: anemia [a-NEEM-yuh] =noun =a condition where there is not enough red blood cells in the blood
12. Guess the end.
note: piggyback =noun/verb/adverb =riding on the back of someone; fond =adjective =happy / loving
13. Guess the end.
note: pimple =noun =a red bump on the skin; acne [AK-ni] =noun =a condition where the said red bumps get too many
14. Guess the end.
phrases: mood swings; hot-tempered; get on my nerves; "the world owes me"; "everyone is in my way"
15. Guess the end.
note: weepy =adjective =cries easily
16. Guess the end.
note: bear with me=be patient with me
17. Guess the end.
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