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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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Task Description
Fill in the missing words in the blanks with the words you heard during the video.
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Scene summary
The Earth is giving you advice on how to help reduce contamination! Listen carefully!
Video length
3 minutes 40 seconds
Video genre
Lectures (e.g. TED talks)
Language goals
Listening comprehension
Other pedagogical goals
The above lesson is a great teaching resource for:Intermediate (B1)
Student type
This resource is intended for:Elementary schoolers
Elementary schoolers
Quality check
Quality not yet verified by the community.
This resource does not contain any images, words or ideas that would upset a reasonable person in any culture.
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Video quiz questions (printable)
1. Fill the gap.
There are three words,start with a letter R, which I love.
2. Fill the gap.
I love them so much because they aremagical words.
3. Fill the gap.
We can make all living thingsmyself be happier.
4. Fill the gap.
They need all of you children in order to do the
5. Fill the gap.
Each andone of you are the real 3magicians.
6. Fill the gap.
you think about it, there are many things you don't need.
7. Fill the gap.
Instead of using disposable onesto you.
8. Fill the gap.
Like that, you will bethe amount ofwhich is very contaminating.
9. Fill the gap.
I'm sure you don't need to printso many documents or photosleave lights, television or computers on when you're, not using them.
10. Fill the gap.
If you remember this you'll be reducing the amount of paper being used as well as,
11. Fill the gap.
I'm sure you can think of many more differentto reduce what you are using or creatingwaste .
12. Fill the gap.
The second R is for recycling now easier thanto recycle things.
13. Fill the gap.
We can find placement like the recycling stations andfor cans, plastic paper orwaste.
14. Fill the gap.
They each havecolors to make it easier to identify.
15. Fill the gap.
You willcontaminating nature, rivers and seas as well as thewhich is the air we breathe.
16. Fill the gap.
Let's see : a piece of paper that has only one side printedabox.
17. Fill the gap.
With just a little bit ofI'm sure you can comewith many more exciting and fun, new uses for them.
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