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Test oil System

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Gap filling dksafkdjfkdljfkdjskfjsdkjfkdsjfksdjfksdjfkjsdkfjdsjflsdkñjflksdjfjdskfjsdjfldsñ
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Aircraft basic oil system explanation jkdhaskjdhkjashdjkashdkjhasjkdhjkashdjasdh
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Test oil System
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Video quiz questions (printable)
1. Fill the gap.
as we've discovered an airplanescannot run without fuel.
2. Fill the gap.
Another valuable fluid that is required for the engine tois oil.
3. Fill the gap.
We've already discussed how the oilthe engine.
4. Fill the gap.
But other equally important functions of oil is totheparts of the engine,
5. Fill the gap.
There are two types of
6. Fill the gap.
Asystem and a dry sump system, a wet sump system like that of a Cessna 172 is a system in which the oil is located.
7. Fill the gap.
In aat the base of the engine.
8. Fill the gap.
This makesan integral part of the engine.
9. Fill the gap.
On the other hand, ahas a separate oil tank, which separates the oil system from the engine.
10. Fill the gap.
Let's take a journey through the oil system of a typical general aviation airplane as oilthe sump.
11. Fill the gap.
It is routed through a strainer screen as to notany solid contaminants to flow through the system and damage it after leaving …
12. Fill the gap.
The oil is then routed into either the oil cooler, if it is hot and needs to be, or it bypasses the cooler.
13. Fill the gap.
If it's already cool enoughthe oil proceeds to the oil filter, which removes any contaminants that made it through the strainer.
14. Fill the gap.
… the oil isto the engine for lubrication,
15. Fill the gap.
… gravity pulls itto the sump since oil is so important for the engine.
16. Fill the gap.
it's imperative to check the oil level prior to flying the minimum and maximumare specified in the airplanes flight manual …
17. Fill the gap.
… anythingof the normal range,
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