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The quick story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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The quick story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart VOCABULARY EXERCISE FOR CHILDREN.....
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The quick story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart VOCABULARY EXERCISE FOR CHILDREN.....
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Elementary schoolers
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Video quiz questions (printable)
1. Fill the gap.
the great composer, he was one of the greatest composers of all time, and he died at only 35's have a peek at his life.
2. Fill the gap.
He was born here in atown, surrounded by mountains and full of music called Salzburg in Austria in 1756.
3. Fill the gap.
And when Wolfgang wasa baby in his cot,
4. Fill the gap.
Do you know that he and his sister were the only twoof the Mozart's seven children to survive.
5. Fill the gap.
It wasn't long before heplay piano and violin better than everyone.
6. Fill the gap.
And atsix years old,
7. Fill the gap.
forget long bumpyin a carriage were very tiring, the lodgings where they stayed were uncomfortable.
8. Fill the gap.
so they often gotthat tour lasted more than three years, and then it was off on a tour of Italy for two years in Italy.
9. Fill the gap.
Astonishing is that Wolfgang was able to write out thetune from his memory.
10. Fill the gap.
And Mozart was so ambitious that heto Vienna the capital of Austria there.
11. Fill the gap.
… Wolfgang's, father didn't,of this love affair at all, but Mozart was determined.
12. Fill the gap.
And he was a brilliant passionate theorist soon his gigs were packed out with,
13. Fill the gap.
he roped concertos that's where theplays the background music and there's a star solo performance by an instrument like …
14. Fill the gap.
he also wrote symphonies, a big piece of music in four movements, some fast, some slow where the orchestra takes center.
15. Fill the gap.
Instead of saying it to relax Mozart liked to play billiards, but I bet he was humming a tune, even as he bentthe table.
16. Fill the gap.
He managed to write over 600 pieces of music that's a lot of paper well, meet LudwigCoco.
17. Fill the gap.
He wrote when he was 32before he died.
18. Fill the gap.
He wasdepressed overworked and feeling very ill.
19. Fill the gap.
He still managed to finished his last opera The Magic Flute and was working on funeral music for awhen he died on December,
20. Fill the gap.
shortly afterwards, people realized what agenius he was people as brilliant as Mozart don't come around very often we're.
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