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Water Pollution (causes and effects)

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Task Description
You should watch the video and fill the blanks whenever they show up. Pay attention and replay if it is necessary.
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The videos talks about water contamination, showing some causes and effects, as some suggestions to control water pollution.
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2 minutes 36 seconds
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Lectures (e.g. TED talks)
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Listening comprehension
The above lesson is a great teaching resource for:Intermediate (B1)
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This resource is intended for:Business/professional students, Adults
Business/professional students
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This resource does not contain any images, words or ideas that would upset a reasonable person in any culture.
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Video quiz questions (printable)
1. Fill the gap.
We'll learn about water, clean water isfor life.
2. Fill the gap.
When water gets, it becomes unhealthy for everyone.
3. Fill the gap.
Water pollution has become anproblem on our earth, which is affecting human and animal lives.
4. Fill the gap.
water pollution occurs whenwaste or other particles caused a body of water to becometo everybody.
5. Fill the gap.
let's see theof water pollution,
6. Fill the gap.
… from farmsfrom factories and construction sites acid rain, acid, rain can turn Lakes acidic, and it kills fish.
7. Fill the gap.
And other animals, oil spillage oil spills generally happen in the ocean, and caused manyto animals plants.
8. Fill the gap.
And humans let's see some effects of water pollution,aquatic animals.
9. Fill the gap.
it killslike fish, crabs, Birds and dolphins.
10. Fill the gap.
That depend on these water bodiesof food chains pollutants are eaten by small animals.
11. Fill the gap.
these animals areby fish and others.
12. Fill the gap.
And the food chain continues to be disrupted at all the levelsdrinking polluted water can cause serious health problems.
13. Fill the gap.
Let's see some steps towater.
14. Fill the gap.
… chemicals oils and medicines in the do notpesticides and fertilizers.
15. Fill the gap.
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16. Fill the gap.
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